View Full Version : What's the date again?

Tzar Boris
07-07-2015, 18:28
Found something "interesting".

Thought I'd check the GW News section, and noticed it was advertising the new WH Visions issue.

I thought, "I've read this".

I had, it was news from the 2nd.

Check it yourself - no news from the last 5 days - specifically the AOS "launch". There definitely was some, and I've even keyed in the webpage addresess for the dates as opposed to the live page. Gone. Expunged.


Begin conspiracy theories...


07-07-2015, 20:45
Maybe P.o.S. erm I mean A.o.S. was such an overwhelming success that GW staff are still recovering and didn't get to write an article? ;)

07-07-2015, 20:50
Age of Sigmar has been redacted. Good decision.

08-07-2015, 09:47
Maybe it was posted too early?
When I read the same page for the Sigmarines in mentioned something about painting videos for chaos coming later in the week.

08-07-2015, 11:11
Alternatively.... 4/7/15 Age of Sigmar story. 5/7/15 Age of Sigmar story. 6/7/15 Age of Sigmar story. 7/7/15 Age of Sigmar story. 8/7/15 Age of Sigmar story....

Move along... nothing to see... move along.... internet glich? No conspiracy, unless of course Sigmar killed JFK....