View Full Version : Age of Sigmar Points System (or why maybe we donīt need one)

08-07-2015, 17:21
So, the last week was pretty exciting, we have heard about the new rules weīve seen the new models (if one likes them or not, thatīs up to personal taste) but what did grind most of our wheels was the system of balance AoS brings, or so to say that it doesnīt bring one at all at the first glance. When i look around i see house-rule made point systems at several corners, some which i think of are actual pretty well thought trough and appliable to the game (even so imo the rules systems especially the warscrolls with all their different special rules are not supposed to be measured in points as a whole). But could it be that the overall frame of thoughts of the average wargamer is too tight due to the long term game experience based on playing with points as if it been for ever?

I havenīt had the opportunity to play a game of AoS yet, but when i go at the rules at a zero-base level i canīt blame them at all for being not thought through. Of course it lacks some complexity in comparision with whfb but that may have to come yet. Also, imo you canīt even compare AoS and WHFB as itīs a turn in 180 degrees, and if you do so you will only be frustrated and fail at the end. So i thought of what one could take for a balance system at all:
We have the sudden death mechanic - which at first, is pretty laughable one might think, as the opponent still has the possibility to deploy an army of the size of his deployment zone, and sudden death surely canīt make up for that.
But what we also have, and that i s basically the main point of my idea, or we havenīt got that any more is - army lists. As it says in the rules, you pretty much deploy what you think is fitting. And that is - not as many of our forum members want to make you believe - really a balancing factor, instead of a coincidental factor. For example you go to a game, put some stuff in your figure case and when itīs time for deployment, your opponent goes first. Of course he read all the warseer stuff and has his 8 dragons ready to crush you and go for sudden death, so he deploys his first dragon. You see that and react by placing a flame cannon. Now he has to think twice, does he want to deploy that other dragon (you maybe will place a second flame canon and an engineer) or would he rather go for a regiment of fast moving ellyrian reavers which can shoot the flame cannon? He decides second, and you will go for 20some quarrellers. And so it goes on, untill some point you see your advantage and stop deployment, he can fill up his remaining 50%(see below) or so and youīll have sudden death (or the other way around).

Sure it isnīt perfect but i wonīt condemn it too soon. Too, i think this system would only work with two amendments - first is, you canīt have at any time more then 150%(or200% however you want to define the worth of sudden death) wounds then your opponent during deployment - second, itīs better to use wounds for determing sudden death.
Then, it is to assume that each player has a large enough collection of minis, to be able to counter react.

Like i said, this system isnīt perfect. But tell you what, points arenīt either. They can even be restrictive, if anyone of the players puts too much weight on their credibility for defining a balanced game, if you donīt have them there is a higher probability that common sense would allow for a more balanced game (atleast between friends and/or persons with self-respect)
One other thing i have to say to that: In most games weīve played competitivly the last years we havenīt seen half of the misbalance induced by point systems, as we never used "dead bodies" in our army books which werenīt refelcted right in point value relative to their in-game-power, and still it was pretty obvious.

All i want to say: You canīt compare apples to pears and i think we could be a bit more confident when looking at the game system of AoS :)

P.S.: I really appreciate all the effort some people put into a balancing point system, as time is still young with AoS and it will be a fun time to explore that new game, and i think for this circumstance nothing is in vain :)