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09-07-2015, 02:48
I was reading another thread, and this quote from Reinholt encompassed something that I've been thinking a lot about lately.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

This is why I have frozen all my HH and 40k projects. If GW is willing to go this aggressively into pants-on-head territory, my gaming money is going to other companies.

When Age Of Sigmar dropped, I really wanted to hop on board. The models intrigued me, I've loved GW games for a long time, and I had just finished my Master's degree literally days ago so time looked to be on my side. I had been playing some warmahordes and some fantasy battles the last couple of years, and like the both for their different strengths. I had been following rumors for both, and the distinct difference of the two companies in communication style has affected my spending habits.

Warmachine releases full stats to let you play test models months before they are released. They communicate when they are coming out with new products well ahead, which lets players know what way their game is going. They also take their rule set very seriously, meaning that if there are problems they address it through their errata documents. They encourage and sponsor organized play, which GW has stopped-- just one more example of distancing themselves from their player base. PP's models can be a pain in the butt to assemble, but I am excited about their attempts to move to plastic and improve. I have spent a great deal of my hobby money with them lately-- in large part because I know where they are going and trust them.

GW, on the other hand, has taken secrecy to levels that the NSA only wishes that they could manage. When people first started looking at the rules and posting examples, I was sure that they were kidding. I felt blindsided, when I found out that they were real. There was no time to formulate an opinion-- possibly the intention of the secrecy. I have found that this has been a huge problem for me with GW over the last couple of years. I remember being at a boxing day sale this year, carrying a frostheart phoenix to the front of the line, then putting it back to buy iron fang pikemen. Why? Because I had heard the beginning of rumors about the next edition, and did not have faith that this would be a hundred dollars well spent. The day that the storm raptor comes out for Circle Orboros comes out, I'm buying it-- maybe two. I'll know the stats ahead of time and know that it will be useable in a year. Likewise, when it comes to books, I owned every army book from fifth to seventh, and most of the army books for eighth. I stopped buying when End Times hit because there was no way to find out if they were "official", and this meant that in one of the two main cities I game in, the books were not used in tournaments. Not only that, but casual play sort of followed tournaments in terms of what is allowed. I'm glad I held off because those books were expensive.

Likewise, I am now thinking about upgrading my 40k books, but I know that the last 40k big rule book I bought got invalidated less than a year after purchase because a four year release cycle became a two year one. Now, I'm stuck thinking that if Age of Sigmar fails, I'll be stuck with another useless rule book in short order, as the company looks to right the ship by dropping expensive new rules on their biggest selling product. I'll get back into 40k with a new book and army updates, but I'll wait for eighth to drop first.

I'm curious how many others are doing the same thing-- waiting and seeing because GW policies make it hard to trust them.

09-07-2015, 03:24
PP have done their own share of dodgy stuff regarding supporting games.

You are definitely wise to be wary of buying up the 40k Codexes though considering the 40k swift release schedule. I am with you 100% there.

I personally don't regret a single Fantasy 8th Edition purchase I made and will continue to play it for years to come along with sampling AOS.

I honestly am still shocked however that you bought the Iron fang pikemen over a Phoenix and can't at all agree with that decision lol.

The Phoenix imo is a brilliant kit (which isn't invalidated btw) and I got a couple bits from Ebay and built myself both a frostheart and flamespyre Phoenix from the same box.

Imo the Iron fang kit you got instead is complete gak so I can't support that decision as a hobbyist at all...... maybe if you'd bought a Woldwrath or something I would understand.

I have never 'trusted' Games Workshop. .. I only trust people close to me... not massive companies.

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09-07-2015, 03:33
It's a tough situation for everyone, isn't it? A games company (or any company, for that matter) can provide a future release schedule 3/6/9/12+ months into the future, and then what? Competitors react to the plans, and a competitive advantage is lost. However, sparse advance marketing decreases incentive of customers to invest in the face of uncertainty (though we all knew the risks that the 4-5 year edition renewals meant for our older units). Speaking personally, this entire End Times/AoS experience has increased my research into competing systems that I can purchase in one or two transactions, rather than spread out over a couple of years. This is actually also increasing my interest in AoS: if GW has a game that I can dabble with, collecting a couple of boxes in order to play a quickish game, then they'll get more of my money.

09-07-2015, 03:55
Not gonna lie grandmaster Wang-- on a strictly model vs. model basis, the pikemen were a terrible choice-- not bad looking, but putting them together was a nasty job. Blood, sweat, tears, and fingers glued together. GW models usually go together easily, look great, and are easy to convert-- finecast notwithstanding. On the table though, they're good. For me, it's just too bad because with GW, there are lots of great models and fun to be had, but I've been around long enough to know that unsupported games quickly go the way of dodo birds and Tasmanian Tigers. Looking forward (maybe) to the next 40k edition drop and getting my Gray Knights and/ or Eldar back on the table.