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09-07-2015, 11:11
A bunch of us got together to play a couple of games yesterday. This was our first attempt at Age of Sigmar. I took some pictures and thought I'd make a report. My first observation was that while the game was fairly small model wise and we all had good knowledge of the basic rules already, we expected the games to go fairly fast. This was not the case however having to look up each units rules countless times. This will likely get better the more we play but I also think just printing out war scrolls to put in front of you on the table will speed things up alot. It will make a huge difference. I think printed war scrolls will come with all new model releases if not mistaken.

Lizardmen army
Slann Mage-Priest x1
Skinks w/ javelins x24
Kroxigor x4
Salamander w/ handlers x1
Ripperdactyls x3
Bastiladon x1

Warriors of Chaos army
Daemon Prince of Nurgle x1
Sorcerer Lord x1
Chaos warriors x10
Chosen x5
Warhounds x5
Dragon ogres x3
Hellcannon x1

On to the battle. I'm playing my Lizardmen (Seraphon) against Mike's Warriors of Chaos (Mortals). This is our very first game. Everything is done by the book except we dont roll for each terrain piece to see what type it is, thinking it would just be a hassle to remember. We could've made just small notes of it but agreed not to. After terrain is set up Mike wins the roll to divide the table, I pick the deployment zone opposite the huge tower (hoping I can use the tower and a fast unit to trick Mike to split his forces), Mike then deploys his Hellcannon first on the far left. I deploy my Ripperdactyls opposite the Hellcannon and Mike deploys a unit of 10 Chaos Warriors close to the Hellcannon. My plan is working. I deploy the rest of my army over on the other side of the table and Mike deploys opposite, taking turns of course. We did not agree on any special deployment rules beforehand. We just played it by the book, drop units of X size until happy. The only agreement was to keep it a fairly small and fast game we would both enjoy. This picture shows deployment, all pictures were taken with my iPhone sadly ;)


Basically the game goes something like this. I try to keep my forces compact and to my right to avoid the outdeployed Warrior unit on my left. I try to position out of charge range each turn (or leave a charge of 11-12 roll possible) to get my shooting working and cover my flank with the Skinks wanting to use their Wary Fighters ability to get out of combats. And it works great. I make one daring charge with the ripperdactyls and Kroxigor into his Dragon ogres and Chosen which ends up a disaster when his Daemon Prince is close enough to pile in. But in all its not too bad since those Kroxigor lost only count as 4 models towards my initial 37. Meanwhile my Salamander, Bastiladon and Skinks have killed some 10 chaos models (out of the initial 29). In the end Mike manages to kill off some skinks for easy points and by the time we call it the casualties are: Lizardmen 43%, Chaos Warriors 45%.

216786 216787 216788
216789 216790 216791
216792 216793 216794

Slann - felt powerful casting 3 spells each turn to my opponents 1. There wasnt a single dispel all game.
Ripperdactyls - decent amount of wounds, lots of attacks, fast
Bastiladon - good range shooting, never got into combat
Skinks - nice unit, short range shooting, there are some tactics to use with their ability to avoid combat
Salamander - short range, only 1 shot but when it goes through the damage potential is high
Kroxigor - I cant judge these fairly because they were just butchered by Chosen and the Daemon Prince

The game felt tactical. Although I must say its very prone to just blobbing everything up in the center due to how fast everything is combined with nothing really breaking from combat. But if you have a plan, if you can see how movement works, know what each units role is suppose to be then yes of course there is strategy. But most importantly, was it fun? Yes it was :)

14-07-2015, 21:18
Glad to hear it was fun! Nicely painting figures too. I'm hoping to pop my AoS cherry next week, providing I can get some of my gaming group to agree! I'm sure it is tactical, just a different type of tactical.

16-07-2015, 23:17
Played a couple more games.
First up Beastmen vs Warriors of Chaos. I wanted to field my minotaurs, my opponent wanted to smash my face. So yeah thatīs pretty much how it went. I added a Bray shaman to my list for some ranged support since I had no shooting at all. But I just ended up casting the summon spell all game. My opponent won every important initiative roll I think and just hammered me with hot dice rolls. A small battle, few models and it went really fast.

Beastmen army
Great Bray shaman
Minotaurs with great weapons x4
Minotaurs with extra hand weapon x4

Warriors of Chaos army
Deamon Prince of nurgle
Nurgle sorc lord
Nurgle fighty lord
Skullcrushers x3
Dragon ogres x3

The Battle
Beastmen finish deploying first, having an idea of what I wanted to field. Just a warherd (keyword) list really. My opponent puts down enough models to outnumber me without giving away sudden death. I go first and just push everything up. I've deployed in the village but then remembered the Hellcannon can target anything regardless of line of sight so I just move everything up and run. Great Bray shaman tries to summon a monster needing a 9 but not getting it. Warriors turn 1 he moves everything up. It's immediately obvious how badly outmatched I am. He moves everything up except the Hellcannon and the speed of his army is terrifying. Hellcannon opens up on the Greataxe Minotaurs and cuts the unit in half. Chimaera kills off a Minotaur in the other unit with shooting.
Turn 2 Beastmen. Minotaurs and Ghorgon get the charge on his Dragon ogres and annihilate them in a single round. I use my depleted Minotaur unit to try and bait the Skullcrushers away. Again I go for the summon monster spell but the Great Bray fails me. As it turns out, my opponent goes next and after that wins initiative again. By the time I get to roll summon again (and summon a Giant) it's already over. The pace of the game is something to get used to. WoC turn 2 the Hellcannon kills my Doombull. The Chimaera shoots the Ghorgon for 6 wounds, charges in and finishes him off. The Skullcrushers chase my 2man Minotaur unit to make sure this game ends with me being tabled. WoC turn 3 and onwards the game is practically over. He manages to chase down and kill off all my Minotaurs and when I finally summon a Giant, the Chimeara shoots it scoring 6 wounds and then charges in to finish him off. It was just disheartening to have two big unscathed models die in practically the same way to a single model needing just one turn each to kill my guys :cries:
Damn you Chimaera!

217264 217265 217266 217267 217268

Couple of pictures. Just the early rounds. My expectations for this game were way off and all my effort went into keeping spirit high to make the game somewhat enjoyable for both of us haha :D

16-07-2015, 23:44
High Elves vs Warriors of Chaos.
We deployed by the book. The first three HE drops were Lion chariot, Prince on Griffon and a Mage. Mike's WoC dropped Marauder horsemen, Tzeentch Lord on disc and Chaos knights. After that HEs declared finished and went for the 'seize ground' objective. It was the first game of AoS for the HE player so Mike thought it best not to have too overwhelming a force and just deployed a nurgle sorc and done. I guess by the book he could have filled his deployment zone with units. But at the time it didnt feel right.

High Elf army
Prince of Griffon
Lion chariot

Warriors of Chaos
Tzeentch Lord on disc
Nurgle sorc
Marauder horsemen x5
Chaos knights x5

The Battle
HEs went first moving the Lion chariot left along the board edge and the Griffon moved right staying clear of charges. The Mage took a more central position ready to support with spells and maybe charge in later to tie up units. WoC moved the Marauder horsemen towards the Lion chariot and the Knights together with the Tzeentch Lord towards the Griffon. The nurgle sorc remained in the center of the board which would turn out to be a mistake since he didnt have the speed to affect the battle in any way later on. HEs won turn 2 initiative and moved further into position, trying to avoid charges and ready to surge onto the objective (being the runestone formation) come turn 4. WoC keep chasing. Eventually the Marauder horsemen are all killed by a brutal charge by the Lion chariot, which is in turn caught by the Chaos knights and it manages to retreat out of combat with a single wound remaining to claim the objective on turn 4. The Griffon avoids combat altogether and also claims the objective, due to the Tzeentch Lord missjudging distances and getting held up by the HE Mage with a long charge. That Lion chariot getting away meant Mike hadnt killed a single model this battle, he wasnt happy about that :p

So retreating out of combat and tying units up played a big part this game. I think WoC could have to better with positioning for example making sure the Lion chariot couldnt retreat towards the objective. This battle was really small and perhaps not indicative of much but it goes to show what scenarios might unfold playing Age of Sigmar 'by the book'.

217269 217270 217271
217272 217273 217274

17-07-2015, 00:15
Empire vs WoC

This is a sudden death game where Mike's Warriors of Chaos pick 'Blunt' as the objective. I pick my halberdiers as the target unit, having deliberately deployed them (and a character in case of 'Assassinate') defensively and away from the Hellcannon. We were in a hurry this being the last game of the evening, Mike made a mistake from which he never recovered. But still, we rolled dice and stuff died so everyone was happy right? :shifty: :D

Empire army
General on steed
Luthor Huss
Warrior priest
Bright wizard
Empire knights x6
Demigryphs x3
Halberdiers x35

Warriors of Chaos army
Nurgle Lord
Nurgle Sorc
Marauders x20
Skullcrushers x3
Chaos warriors x10

The Battle
WoC gets the first turn and need to rush the Halberdiers. Everything moves up and Mike fails his 'cage fury' roll for the Hellcannon which meant no shooting this turn. The Empire has a defensive line going and turn 1 opens up with shooting and magic missiles on the unfortunate Skullcrushers who were just a tad too close. But the arcane shield buff together with their magic resilience meant they took a brutal beating and still managed to avoid total annihilation. They even took a Demigryph charge. On my left flank the Empire knights rush towards the Hellcannon seizing the opportunity given by the failed 'cage fury' roll. I win the roll for turn 2 and move my Demigryphs out of combat to position for a dual charge (together with the halberdiers) on the Marauders. By now I can already see where the fight is going so no need to hold the halberdiers back. This round the Empire artillery kills the last Skullcrusher and the Empire knights manage a long charge on the Hellcannon and kill the crew.

Marauders fail a long charge on the halberdiers and get dual charged in return. The Chaos warriors scramble to reach the fight with the halberdiers but they are not fast enough and get caught by Empire artillery... or at least they would have if we didnt end it there :rolleyes:

217275 217276 217277
217278 217279 217280

17-07-2015, 00:51
Ok so this time we tried something different. We just decided to play a battleline game, picking our armies with sort of a guideline in mind. Sort of like a straight up 8th ed battleline game.
So these were the guidelines we tried sticking to:
1-2 heroes
1+ unit with 10+ models
0-1 monster
0-1 war machine
max 2 shooting units (war machine included)
60-70 wounds

This results in a fairly small and fast skirmish game with sort of an army look and feel to it without going too far in any direction. Sometimes you just want to play a battleline game without objectives and smash your opponent while feeling you are at least roughly equal in force. This game featured Nurgle Daemons vs Nurgle Warriors. I had Epidemius in my list and with almost everything on the board being Nurgle we quickly got the tally up which resulted in everything being deadly.

Nurgle Deamons
Daemon Prince
Plague drones x3
Blightkings x5
Plaguebearers x20

Nurgle Warriors
Nurgle Lord
Nurgle Sorc
Chosen x5
Chaos warriors x15
Daemon Prince

The Battle
I finished deploying first and my Daemons having no magic and virtually no shooting they slogged across the board. Most of my units were really slow, even the plague drones were super slow for a flying unit and my DP has no wings. Initiative goes back and forth. The Hellcannon doesnt have any major impact on this game, almost everything in my army could shrug of mortal wounds on a 5+ but it does manage to kill Epidemius late game. The Nurgle Lord and warrior DP roll horribly for attacks all game while my DP is rolling armor saves like a god. The battle ends in a big fight middle of the table where my plaguebeaers and blightkings manage to stomp the big unit of chaos warriors mainly due to the durability of plaguebearers. At the end of it we just have a laugh as Mike keeps rolling 1s and he fails to kill my DP even with his own DP, nurgle lord and hellcannon attacking him.
Those silly dice are banished forever! :o

Regarding the army composition guildlines we both agreed that it did feel like two balanced forces (or at least, the illusion of balance) even if Daemons did clearly come out on top but Mike just rolled horribly for his heroes and the Hellcannon didnt perform as well as it use to. We will just play more battles with other armies involved using the composition guidelines and see how we feel about it.

217281 217282 217283
217284 217285 217286
217287 217288 217289

21-07-2015, 21:56
What beautiful armies! It's a shame that some of the games were so one-sided, but it looks like you're already figuring out ways to bring balance in.

Is the table flocked, or is it printed?

Thanks for posting these - I very much enjoyed reading them :D

25-07-2015, 20:29
Hey! And thanks. I hope you got some games in.

Thanks man. Yeah games are kind of fast it's not really a big deal if you happen to lose a couple.
As for the table, its a F.A.T.mat from frontlinegaming. Its printed and works great!

I'm currently on vacation but will get more reports and pictures up soon as I get home.

07-09-2015, 20:31
Batreps incoming.

This next one is Lizardmen vs Empire. It was suppose to be the start of a small chain of scenarios featuring an up and coming Empire officer trying to muster a force in some obscure towns while dodging a small lizardmen war party led by an Oldblood with a personal vendetta. But we built some houses using Terraclips and it got too late to flesh out the story, so we'll see what happens with that.

Skink Priest
Oldblood on cold one
Skinks w/ javelins x12
Skinks w/ javelins x12
Kroxigor x4
Salamander x1

Mounted Empire general with banner
Mounted Empire general
Mounted Warrior Priest
Light Wizard
Halberdiers x20
Empire Knights x5
Cannon x1

The Battle

We decided to battle for the three buildings in the middle of the board. Whoever controlled the most buldings at the end of turn four was the winner. Empire set up inside the small town and Lizardmen set up outside. As it turned out it was so late that by the end of turn one I had forgot all about the scenario objectives and just tried to kill stuff. I had set up my Kroxigor and Oldblood on my left flank, salamander and one of the skink units in the middle and Priest and the other Skink unit to the right. This wasnt the most optimal setup, I didnt take advantage of the army synergies and I had also misread the Skink Priest as being a wizard unfortunately. I kind of right there realized that this was a battle I wouldnt win. But who cares, the stage was set.
Turn 1 We both moved up towards the objectives. My lizardmen were too far away for shooting and my wizard turned out to not be a wizard. Ouch. Empire fires the cannon at the kroxigor and kill two of them.
Turn 2 Lizardmen move up slowly in the center skinks and salamander shooting at the halberdiers and I just whiff everything. Empire grabs the left objective with the Knight unit. The cannon opens fire and kill the salamander. On the right flank I move my Priest and skinks up around the building (foolishly wasting turns when my initial plan was to enter the building and kill off the cannon and wizard) only to have the Empire mounted heroes come face them.
Turn 3 Kroxigor and Oldblood engage the Knight unit. This fight just kept going until the end of the game both sides stubbornly refusing to die. A single Knight survived to eventually deny me a draw. The Light Wizard puts a Mystic Shield on the halberdiers who charge the skinks in the center and almost wipe them out despite the Inspiring Presence. On the right flank all the Empire heroes declare charges on the skinks but only the army general makes it. That's enough of course to put a real dent in that skink unit. I use the skinks ability to move out of combat in the combat phase to get me in position to attack the cannon crew next turn.
Turn 4 The battle is already lost but maybe I can pull off a draw. My right unit of skinks move up the right building and attack the cannon crew not killing a single one. My center unit of skinks, now down to three, claim the center building but they are shot to pieces by the cannon leaving the building wide open for the halberdiers to claim it.

Yeah just a beating of the Lizardmen from turn one. But I could see it coming and still a good time was had by everyone :D

219768 219769 219770
219771 219772
219773 219774

07-09-2015, 21:38
Next up is WoC vs Beastmen. We wanted to play some kind of scenario objectives that would spread the forces abit across the table to avoid a huge blob in the middle of the table. It worked pretty well in the battle before this one. Having talked it over a couple of minutes we put a Watchtower down center table as the main objective worth 2 points if held at the end of turn 4, and then another two houses as secondary objectives worth 1 point each if held at the end of turn 4. The game would end after 4 turns and whoever had the most wounds withint 3" of an objective got those points.
We limited our forces to 101 wounds with no scroll used more than twice and then took turns deploying. I was pretty happy with my deployment. I didnt really have a solid plan yet but I did know I wanted to keep a tight force and go for my center/right while trying to weaken the enemy Chimaera with some suicide units. I had some really bad experiences with the Chimaera from earlier fights.

Beastlord (general)
Wargor battle standard
Great Bray shaman
Bestigor x13
Gor x18
Ungor raiders x20
Tuskgor chariot x1

Deamon prince of nurgle (general)
Exalted standard bearer
Chosen x5
Chaos knights x5
Chaos warriors x20
Skullcrushers x3

The Battle
I win the roll and let my opponent go first. WoC move up towards all objectives with some caution incase Beastmen get the double turn I guess. Beastmen move up aggressively.

Turn 2
Beastmen go first but nothing is really in charge range except the Tuskgor chariot being able to charge the Chimaera which I'm really happy with. It makes the charge and causes two wounds taking two in return, tying the Chimaera up. Beastmen main force is positioned to take the charge and pile in with support where possible and plant the battle standard for wound bonus. My GBS moves left to help stall the Chimaera. Malagor and the Ungor open up on the Skullcrushers and manage to kill one. Both the Giants move towards the house on my right. WoC turn 2 the Chimaera leaves combat not to get tied up and the Daemon prince moves up to claim the house on my left. The knight unit turns to deal with my chariot and hacks it to pieces. The 20 strong warrior unit takes cover in the house to my right. Skullcrushers charge the Gor but barely kills a handful and get wiped out in return by the Gor and Beastlord.

Turn 3
Beastmen go first again. My GBS puts a couple of wounds on the Chimaera with Arcane Bolt. The two Giants charge the house on my right flank with the warrior unit. It's an epic battle of who can fit the most warriors into his pants. Warriors manage to cause some wounds in return. My Bestigor and Beastlord charge the Chosen who are ready to garrison the Watchtower. What looked like a solid charge turns to a miserable fail and my Beastlord is killed by the Exalted champion who piled in and the Chosen make a mess of the Bestigor while taking heavy casualties in return. My Gor and Ungor move up into position to charge the Watchtower last turn. The Daemon prince flies out of the house on the left to swifly slay my GBS. The Chimaera shoots at the Bestigor killing three and making another three run away due to battleshock and then charges my Wargor battle standard but doesnt manage to kill him quite yet.

WoC Turn 4
WoC win the initiative and the Exalted champion and Chaos knights garrison the Watchtower. The Chimaera kills the Wargor but is now down to a single wound remaining. The warriors desperately fighting the Giants are losing and doing everything they can to hold the objective but will it be enough? The Daemon prince flies back into the left side objective.

Beastmen Turn 4
The Gor hurl themselfs at the Watchtower in a last attempt to claim it for the Beastmen. They manage to kill a Chaos knight. The Ungor move up in support and kill off another knight previously injured by Malagorīs vile spells. The last chaos warrior defending the right objective is smashed to a pulp by the Giants who now claim that objective, both Giant now down to half strength. In the assault on the Watchtower one Gor is killed and it's time to roll battleshock. It's the last roll of the game. My opponent has 6 wounds within 3" of the Watchtower and I have 7. Gors have a bravery of 5 which means a battleshock roll of 1-4 is a Beastmen victory, a 5 is a draw and a 6 is a WoC victory. I roll a 1. We both thought it was funny because my opponent had rolled abysmal for his battleshocks :p

219775 219776 219777
219778 219779 219780
219782 219784 219785 219786

15-09-2015, 20:28
Is there a way to change the thread title?

18-09-2015, 21:41
Nice reports dude,sweet pics too :)