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05-07-2006, 02:49
I was just thinking and wondered if the new army books are up to date with current fluff. Really what I'm talking about is Storm of Chaos fluff etc. I mean, was it given a mention in the dwarf or wood elf book at all? I haven't read either, but it seems to me that the biggest incursion of chaos for hundreds of years should be pretty prominent. I mean, how did they fair. Was there any new fluff on the armies both pre and post SOC and what is the outlook for them?

Really the SOC should be a bit of a world changing event. Undead are on the move with a huge army, orcs are going back home, chaos just ravaged the empire and piked out, as well as a host of other events that should rate a mention. Did the WE kick the beastmen's **** or was it just more skirmishes in their area? What happened to the dwarfs after their allies won? Did they reap a huge reward as well? The amount they would have made in weapons and armour alone would have been staggering. So what happened?

If anyone could post anything from the WE or Dwarf armybook itd be appreciated. I sort of thought the SOC was crap, but I haven't read the new books to see what the current situation is. If they bothered to follow their own fiction I can see a whole host of situations opening up.

Chaos and Evil
05-07-2006, 03:12
I think the SOC fallout will be fully revealed in the 7th rulebook.

05-07-2006, 04:40
Seems strange that these events have already happened, yet army books released after their (or damn close too) their happening have no information about them. Is there even a blurb about a build up of chaos in the north?

From what I've heard both the Dwarf and Wood Elf books are meant to be FULLY compatible with 7th edition (they won't get a re-write for years) with point values reflecting rules in 7th. If they've gone so far as to incorperate the rules changes, it makes sense to give at least a little bit of the book to current (or recent) fluff. It makes me wonder, will the new O+G book contain stuff about SOC and what effects it had on one of the biggest yet anti-climatic WAAAAGGGHHH's in ages, or will it be more "They come from the badlands and they just fight anyone" stuff? The whole idea that virtually any army got through the SOC without at least a few happenings in their societies seems stupid. I hope that GW dont drop the ball on this one. For a really crappy bit of story writing, GW have opened more doors for plot lines and evolutions of armies than they could poke a stick at. I'm hoping there is a bit of stuff in each AB, just to keep it up to speed.

Just as another question. What does everyone think will be the context of the new O+G book (after grimgor's challenge and withdrawal) considering the SOC and what is happening to all the orcs that aren't under his banner now?

05-07-2006, 10:21
NO and never will be as long as GW has this obsession with O + G.

THe next book out should have been Vampire counts then Dark Elves then Empire.:mad: