View Full Version : The comparison of ws/bs/strength and toughness

Silent Surrender
13-07-2015, 14:28
I follow some youtubers that post videos of warhammer games, and it seems the guys often have troubble remembering the stat values of their models, and also the weapon skill, strength and toughness tables. I wonder if this could be why age of sigmar dont have these, people simply cant remember them? And Believe me, I have bad memory plus Im bad at mathematics, but these values seem to have stuck.

The stats of a miniature has Always amazed me. I Think thats what makes a wargame (dhurrr). You imagine a monster down there on your small battlefield, and it has a stat linking it to the real World. I Think its exciting to compare my models stats to my enemys stats to see how they would fare against eachother.

Does anyone else feel like this?

13-07-2015, 14:51
Well, to be frank, to kill a normal goblin with a sword and shield requires four dice rolls, six stat values, two tables and one function. One could say that's a bit excessive for a three point model.

13-07-2015, 14:57
Well, there's always a trade-off between "simulation" and "game".

Funny enough, the simplified AoS stats seem more "gamey", eschewing the (slightly) stronger focus on simulation of previous editions/GW-games that used stats to model physical attributes and skills, while the "no-points/scenario-driven"-approach goes away from it being a "game" to win or lose, moving towards "simulating" (fictional) wars and scenarios distantly kin to historical, scenario-based games.