View Full Version : Playing AoS without points costs or limited unit sizes

16-07-2015, 14:42
Ok here is a simple way to play games of AOS using the sudden death table as a handicap system.

Set up the board as per the rulebook.

Roll off to see who deploys first.

Deploy in turn until both players have put down three units.

Each player must include at least one scroll with the hero keyword and at least one unit of 5 or more models.

Once three units each have been deployed, keep alternating until one decides to stop, the other player then has the option of putting one more unit down.

If you are outnumbered by 33% choose 1 sudden death objective, 66% choose 2, 100% either choose 3 or choose 2 and pick the target for blunt or assassinate.

The game lasts 6 turns.

im not sure wether multiwound models should count as more than 1 for outnumbering purposes, maybe 5 for heroes 10 for monsters? Does anyone think this way of playing might be quite fun and balanced or is it wide open to abuse and I just haven't seen it?