View Full Version : Daemons of Chaos AoS List

16-07-2015, 16:06
Daemon Prince of Tzeench
Great Unclean One
15 Pink Horrors
10 Plague Bearers with Banner and Champion
4 Nurglings
Burning Chariot


03-08-2015, 16:51
Havent read the daemons rules yet, but i would drop the prince for a cav unit

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07-08-2015, 17:22
Could add in some cold one knights? Not exactly fluffy but them and warlocks are the only cavalry I own

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16-08-2015, 14:15
Cold ones dont belong in chaos faction m8

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Spiney Norman
19-08-2015, 01:09
It's kind of impossible to comment without knowing what you might be facing, what exactly do you want me to say?
Since it's impossible to denote what size a game of AoS will be there are a great many potential armies this force would defeat with ease, and there are a great many that would stomp this force to dust without a second thought.

In general AoS favours elite units over basic ones, I would go for beasts of Nurgle, the flying fly cavalry, blood crushers, fiends of slaanesh etc, maybe some putrid blight kings or chaos knights if you wanted to take some non-daemon allies. The sudden death rule rewards packing the most amount of oower into the lowest possible number of bodies.