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big squig
16-07-2015, 18:09
I gotta say, all my games of AoS have been pretty terrible so far, but I was thinking that maybe that was just my mind set going in. In all my games we have set up two forces and battled and that's it. Maybe AoS just isn't a good game under those conditions?

If GW is going to kill the pick up game, I might as well treat this like DnD where I only play with close friends and someone has to plan ahead for the game and run it.

Here are some ideas:

-I have a complete Dwarven Forge dungeon and cave set. I was thinking of setting up a dungeon, giving one player the skaven from the starter set and the other player 3-4 dwarf characters. The skaven player would get unlimited clan rats to recycle and the dwarf players would have to accomplish some objective like kill the general or steal some treasure.

-Both player start the game with a single summoner. Summon what you can and kill the enemy wizard to win!

-GM a game. Let a third party govern the rules. Maybe when models flee, instead of being removed from play, the GM gains control of them.

That's all I got so far.

16-07-2015, 18:34
I like those ideas. I'm a fan of setting up narrative battles rather than slugfests, so I see some potential for setting up some cool ideas.

I'd like to see more AoS fluff so I can get the creative juices flowing a bit more. So far the general concepts haven't grabbed me yet, but once we learn more about specific battles or plot threads that interest me I might get more into it.

16-07-2015, 20:25
It has become increasingly clear to me that a narrative approach with some planning ahead and some winging it during is the way to go with AoS.

A D&D mindset is quite right.

I am thinking of writing some themed warscrolls. We already have the Reiksguard, why not come up with some slightly different special rules for the other Orders? And some differences for the various provinces?

I quite like AoS for this open approach.

Barry "the blade"
16-07-2015, 21:37
I haven't gotten a game in yet, but my gut feeling has been that having someone set up and run a narrative battle will get you the best out of this system.

Then again, those types of set ups are always my favorite. Whether it's WHF, Flames of war, street violence, LOTR, or whatever.

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