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16-07-2015, 20:21
Played my first game last night and we had a few issues/problems/questions.

Hopefully, I'll be clear enough for you guys to understand. Please don't judge my by my questions ;-)

Here goes:

1) Can I place my model overlapping another model's base... Friendly or enemy. (With the objective of getting closer to the enemy and getting more attacks). A problem arose where the undead players' terrorgheist was placed near the back of the base, and if calculating distance model to model, the opponent couldn't reach without stepping on the monsters base.

2) can one model "squeeze" in between two other models while moving (or must the base fit for the model to phase through)

3) When piling in... Can a model that is already within striking range (aka: in base contact) move it's 3" towards another model in order to "make room" for a another model to fight.

4) Two units are fighting in hTh combat. A model in the "second rank" of outside it's attack range. The rules state that it must pile-in towards the closest enemy model... (In this case, the model directly towards it's front, which it can't reach because his colleague is blocking the way!) Can this model move towards another model that it can reach even if it's further away than the "closest enemy model"?

That's it for now, I'll come back later with part two of my questions.

4) A vargheists ability can add additional attacks when it kills a model then rolls a 6... Can these extra attacks add extra attacks?

16-07-2015, 20:31
1) Yes. Bases essentially don't exist.

2) The model must fit in between the other models. The bases don't need to fit.

3) No, pile-in moves are towards the closest enemy model.

4) No, for the reason you just mentioned.

4) Yes. No reason it wouldn't.

16-07-2015, 20:34
1. Yes, Ignore the base.
2. Yes, Ignore the base.
3. No. You have to move towards the closest model.
4. Yes.

17-07-2015, 12:13
1) yes
2) yes
3) no (if possible, you could wrap around the closest model to make room for others to pile into the enemies front for example, but piling in towards another model than the closest is not allowed)
4) no

Vargheist: yes these extra attacks will trigger extra attacks on a roll of 6.