View Full Version : which ig reg do you play with most often

05-07-2006, 12:32
death korp of krieg
steel legion
tanith 1st and only
kanak skull takers
salvar chem dogs
terrax guard
last chancers

05-07-2006, 12:46
I have a custom regiment, using the cadian figs, and a black and khaki/bone colour scheme

Chaos and Evil
05-07-2006, 13:01

"From the Skies!"

05-07-2006, 13:25
" Men of Tanith, do you want to live Forever?"......."Feth Yeah sir!!"

05-07-2006, 13:39

The 2346th Field HR detachment. All lovingly named after my staff!

Cannon fodder for the emperor

05-07-2006, 13:39
Tallarn. Still debating wether to use the doctrines given, my own or none.

05-07-2006, 13:41
Take my own regiment formed with the doctrines, using the cadian models.

Cadian 433rd Light Infantry Regiment.

Also waiting on my Armoured company to arrive.

Inq. Veltane
05-07-2006, 13:44
My Rangers (Light Infantry & Drop Troops).

05-07-2006, 13:58
Although I don't have them only, I play Tallarn, sometimes with their doctrines, sometimes with none...

05-07-2006, 13:58
Praetorians but of course ;)

05-07-2006, 14:42
Er, lots?

B company 2/XV Karaboudjani Kataphraktoi (new Cadians) were my main list for a good long while, but now I'm using the Darendaran X Mechanised Regiment's battlegroup R10 (Valhallans).

Working on lots of other Guard armies using the Tallarn, old Cadian, old Catachan, new Catachan, Mordian, Praetorian, Steel Legion, Vostroyan, Tanith and other models - a different type for each army! I play with them as and when I finish 'em, so at the moment I'm working on the Drokharan Tauregs (Tallarn). Elysians and Death Korps are on my wishlist.

05-07-2006, 15:03
Why, Praetorians of course!

05-07-2006, 15:13
His Divine Majesty's Glorious 31st Mordian "Redshirts"

05-07-2006, 15:25
" Men of Tanith, do you want to live Forever?"......."Feth Yeah sir!!"

yes we fething do fellow soldier of the tanith

05-07-2006, 15:33
Currently have, or in various stages of progress:-
Cadians (two different colour schemes - one as ST Mobile Infantry, one for an armoured battalion)
Airborne Assault (Stormtroopers/Grenadiers out the backs of Valkyries, with Vulture support) - that one may take a while to complete ;)
Mercenary force using various figures
Hive World (Necromunda Orlocks, Van Saars and Delaques in platoons)
Necromunda Eschers

And I'd have done Tanith if GW had actually managed to do something useful with the range, rather than just five character models, four basic troopers and a trooper with the wrong support weapon.:rolleyes:

05-07-2006, 15:35
My own regiment using only Steel Legion troops. I don't follow the regular Steel Legion doctrines since my best friend plays orks (ork hunters would be a bit unfair to him). Also, while I sometimes use lots of Chimeras, the army is not fully mechanized. The other thing that sets my army apart is he fact that I sometimes deploy 70+ storm troopers. Demon Hunters have also been known to lend their aid to my army (or is it the other way around?).

05-07-2006, 16:50
Mordians ofcourse.

05-07-2006, 16:57
Steel Legion (though not mechanised)

Interestingly (or to me anyway) my WIP IG is Mechanised but based on Urban War Triad models to give the whole thing a Japanese look (see UW thread).

05-07-2006, 17:07
Biggest collection is Praetorians.
Am also gradually building (EVERY model is converte. XXXXX! ) a "Mediaeval" themed army to make use of the Warrior Weapons doctrine.

05-07-2006, 17:13
74 Tannen Gate Dragoons, (use cadian plastics, with doctrines)
Mechanicus Skitarii
Blood Pact

Brush your teeth
05-07-2006, 17:19
ok, ive got enoough minis to feild a (very) minimum sized regiment so...

main force is valhallan minis about 2/5ths
a mix of preatorian and mordian for another 1/5th
then karskin grenaderis for another 1/5th
then metal catachans which are 10 minis short of being playable

EDIT: also have last chancers, just saw them on the list so i thought id mention them

05-07-2006, 17:38
Jamican IIIrd, using the Catachan plastics and lots of greenstuff.


ghost hunter
05-07-2006, 17:42

From the skies

05-07-2006, 17:42
Biggest collection is Praetorians.
Am also gradually building (EVERY model is converte. XXXXX! ) a "Mediaeval" themed army to make use of the Warrior Weapons doctrine.

were ur preatorians featured in a past WD as i recognise ur avatar?:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

05-07-2006, 17:59
Cadian 728th 'Storm Crops' Regiment ready to lose more battles :mad:

Great Harlequin
05-07-2006, 19:21
Oh, tough one, but I think the honour goes to the Steel Legion, and their Armoured Company. Using eight Chimeras in an armoured collum is still one of the coolest things you can do in 40K.

All the very bestest,

Insane Psychopath
05-07-2006, 19:29
I have my own force (name not chosen yet), well split up into diffrent armies, right now I have

Mech Strom Troopers: As GH pointed out, nothing cooler that a "armoured collum" with Leman Russ supporting, Strom Troopers jump out of tanks, Veterans Deep Striking. I use the Kaserkin models as they do look cooler & the forge world stuff as well.

My next army which be same army, just diffrent force: Inflty heavy army, 125 Imperial Guards troops in 1500pts. They'll be made from Cadain Plastic.

I plan to do a Drop Trooper army which'll be added on & there plan for one more force but unsure what to do or even if I'll get ahead with that as right now number in these list

Mech Strom Troopers: 32 troops, 6 tanks, 4 Snetinals

Inflty Guards: 125 troops

Drop Troopers IF I go for them, 150+ Guards

That will be 307 troops, 6 tanks, 4 Sentials, 4500 points.


Steel Fist
05-07-2006, 19:33
Steel Legion, got to love the legion.:)

05-07-2006, 19:34
Mordians... a very clean looking army on the table.

They look very good in large numbers!!

05-07-2006, 22:52
Come on folks, time to give recognition to the toughest sons of ******* in the whole guard. Catachans! Although my boys are currently re-examining their doctrine to best fight in the urban jungle.

05-07-2006, 23:01
Praetorians, Catachans and 3 regiments of my own devising.