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19-07-2015, 04:31
I am currently reading the new AOS rules and I am unclear on when and how to allocate damage within the combat phase. Could some please explain in layman's terms the sequence in the combat phase. Thanks.

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19-07-2015, 06:27
Can you tell what is unclear exactly? Just to know on what to explain.

1.You roll to hit
2. You roll to wound
3. Opponent rolls armoursaves.

4. You determine damage: Damage characteristics of 1 deal 1 wound to an enemy unit, damage characteristics of 2,D3,D6, etc deal 2,D3,D6 wounds to an enemy unit. Itīs noteworthy that damage applies to the whole unit, so for example when you rolled a 4 when rolling for Damage infliction from 1 attack, you would kill 4 empire state troops but only 2 Storm Cast liberators.

Hope that helps.

19-07-2015, 06:49
Thankyou for the reply. So no armour saves against damage. I was just unclear on where to apply the damage before or after saves. Thanks.

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19-07-2015, 07:09
No armousaves isnīt quite correct, as you roll for saves before rolling for how many wounds each successfull to hit roll followed by a successfull to wound roll does (which is then called damage). But of course you wonīt take any further armour saves after this roll.

I guess youīve got it right, but just to avoid confusion :)

19-07-2015, 07:33
Is this right?
Combat Phase.
Roll to hit you have 5 attacks and get 4 successful hits.
You roll 4 dice to wound you then roll 3 successful wounds.
Your opponent rolls to save and successfully saves 2 wounds.
Your weapon has damage of 1 so your opponent automatically suffers one wound.

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19-07-2015, 08:37
Me again that last post was wrong lol. I've got it now.

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19-07-2015, 11:42
Maybe it helps if you think of it that way: forget about the damage value untill the enemy unit has suffered a wound (so failed their save/s) - then, you multiply the damage inflicted by the damage characteristic (D6,D3,2,1, etc.).

19-07-2015, 16:48
Don't forget damage doesn't exclusively represent being able to do a particularly grievous wound to a single enemy model, it can also represent a single attack cutting through multiple enemy models.