View Full Version : What Rules Make it Too Hard to Balance Armies?

20-07-2015, 19:05
I was thinking the other day, after once again having a bad time of it with Age of Sigmar, that maybe you could go with a Warscroll based comp system *if* you altered the rules to make most models more or less balanced by number of available wounds.

As it stands right now, I think the biggest culprits of imbalance are regular models (what we would call rank and file infantry) inflicting more than one wound per hit, and models with multiple wounds. The biggest culprit is of course Ogres.

So, if you were to change the rules of the game (I know, I know, why should we do that when GW should have made a better game from the get go), we might be able to just use Wounds as a method of comp. Here's my suggestion -

1) No model may take more wounds than are on it's profile from a single attack. So, if an enemy hits you with 10 attacks that do two wounds each, and you save 5, then 5 of the *hits* go through. Each hit doing two wounds, you would remove 5 one-wound models (excess wounds are lost).

That might actually be enough to do the trick. A unit of Ogres that does a ton of wounds to a unit of 1-wound soldiers will only doing one wound per hit that gets by their save, just like the soldiers hitting the Ogres. But, ogres would still be really good against things with multiple wounds, so their advantage isn't entirely lost (heroes, monsters, etc).