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21-07-2015, 05:45
Hey hey the new portals have me inspired.

I actually like the idea of portals on the battlefield allowing transport of troops.

For those who don't know GW have released a set of portals which in AOS allow a unit that travels through 1 portal to appear at the other one.

I personally think this is an awesome idea and plan on bringing such portals into some of my 8th/Chillhammer games for fun as it opens up a wide range of battlefield strategies. Portals behind both armies or on both flanks for example. TBH I prefer the portal rules to a lot of the rules for various 8th mysterious scenery.

Am I the only one who is planning on trying the Realmgate portals with 8th Edition rules?

21-07-2015, 06:25
It can definitely be an interesting mechanic in several ways. One is as you said, being able to use it to call "reinforcements", especially for armies with no summoning.

Another interesting way to use them is to have them interact with other tables (if your club has several tables, of course).

21-07-2015, 07:21
Meh. I've played in tournaments before that allowed teleporting/deep striking units either at choice or through terrain features. It's neat, but honestly unless you've got units specifically built for it or your army just happens to fit the system, set terrain teleportation in Fantasy isn't that great. Either one player widely avoids the portal, or only one player has a unit worth teleporting. Most armies are composed of units that function as part of a battle line and need each other to be effective (for example, teleporting your supporting infantry block robs your main block of combat efficiency, taking your main block through leaves your ranged units and war machines vulnerable, sending those through is a huge waste of time, ect), or are capable of their own wide ranging movement to be effective individual actors (Chimera, Captasus, ect). The units that would most benefit in general are the medium sized MC's (Skullcrushers, Demi's) and occasional monster which acts fine on it's own (Hellpit).

The mechanic has in my experience worked way better in the classic 'battle in the warp' scenarios for 40k because of units not needing to rely on each other and entire armies being more free to move and still interact with the battle, which is likely exactly why it's being built into AoS.

21-07-2015, 08:00
If you are into narrative scenarios, how about one where a coven of chaos sorcerors is using the portals to bring in a daemonic invasion to the middle of Empire/Bretonnia/Ulthuan/Badlands etc. The opposing player has to destroy the portals (and preferably the sorcerors) before the daemonic infestation grows too strong, with the game going on until the portals or the opposing force is destroyed.

During the game fresh units of daemons keep on popping randomly through the portals to reinforce the sorcerors. For example you could roll D6 at the beginning of any chaos sorceror magic phase and consult this table:

1-3: Chaos is fickle, no daemons arrive
4: Random unit of daemons manifests in front of portal 1 (no effect if that portal has been destroyed)
5: Random unit of daemons manifests in front of portal 2 (no effect if that portal has been destroyed)
6: Dark gods smile, a unit of daemons manifests in front of each surviving portal

You would naturally need some more detailed rules for the daemonic manifestations (like the size of units etc.) and for destroying the portals; they should probably be well protected from magic and ranged attacks, but easier to damage close up. Or alternatively place terrain in such a fashion that they cannot be seen from far away, forcing the enemy to close in if they want to destroy the portals.