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21-07-2015, 07:33
So i was at a tournament this weekend and it didn't go entirely to plan. Mostly because of under-preparing, partly because i didn't realise IA13 existed, however i have come away much wiser and managed to get hold of the Imperial Armour 13 book.

Looking through this there is many things i would like but due to the Infernal Relic rule it's limited.

I took 2 helldrake which just under performed in every area over the weekend (they ripped a Vulture apart with a vector strike, and killed a few demons, that's it) - so i was gonna swap these out for 2-3 Hellblades - what are your opinions on this?

Obviously the new Chaos Knight is out this weekend so i'll be getting one of these for the LoW slot.

Everybody pressed for Sicaran tanks - are these a definite include???

I also want a fire raptor but i'm cautious of the HS slots

the list i will take will include 1 sorcerer lvl3

2x 10 marines with 2 plasmas

2-3 hellblades

1 sicaran
2 vindicatrors

1 knight

this is about 1800ish points

Please can you C&C this as i am curious of peoples opinions of this book


21-07-2015, 09:45
The Fire Raptor is probably our best unit available, so for tournament purposes I would highly recommend it. I would also definitely advise you to keep a single Heldrake with baleflamer. The ability to seriously hurt bike units while being pretty good anti-air is really valuable, but including two is probably a bit overkill.
Hellblades are pretty shooty, but remember they are super fragile, having the same AV and HP as an ork buggy. They often only get one shooting phase and then they die if your opponent doesn't have better things to kill.

The Sicaran is a nice tank no doubt, pretty versatile with heavy bolters and rending ammo, but I'm not sure it's a must-have. It's good, but sort of expensive. Ignoring jink is the big thing about it, forcing especially enemy Eldar players to hide their tanks behind normal cover. You opponent will likely get a cover save most of the time anyway, they just need to do like everyone else, and thus get to shoot back at full BS while doing it. :p

I personally have no experience with Vindicators, but for you to be able to fit most of the stuff you want/need, they might have to go.

21-07-2015, 10:37
I'll have to pick the Sicaran or the Fireraptor though as these are both Infernal Relics, or just take a sorcerer.
Everyone seems to think the drakes are good but i disagree, maybe i just got bad match-ups for them

21-07-2015, 10:55
I'v been to a turney with my Pyre army (see sig) think I game 5th but had a really bad game where a warhound ruined my fellblade first turn (seized int then did two sd rolls of a 6!) so really i should of come higher :D :D. Have also played many games with the army since.

In my exp Fire Raptor is with out a doubt amazing, take the auto cannons and blasty missile and ye sorted. The only downside to this unit is putting the model together! prepare for pain.

Other hidden gem in the book are the rapiers. I rock the laser destroyers and they are the bane of a lot of my opponents now, twin linked s9 ap1 ordinance... on a unit with 12 T7 wounds...for what 165pts! speaks for its self.

In normal games now i drop the FB and take the hellbrute formation where they deep strike, this works well also.

21-07-2015, 20:51
I was contemplating getting some rapiers as an anti-armour battery but unsure if the single laser destructor shot will be enough, admittedly in units of 3 it will pack more of a punch.

Anti-air wise i think a gun ship would be good and it would annihilate ground targets for sure but against heavy armour it would suck a little which is why i am not 100% set on getting it (though it does look pretty cool). Hellblades however for 115 (with upgrades) seem pretty good, if not delicate, i jusT don't know how they'd compare to Heldrakes, more guns, no vector strike, less armour and HP???

The Sicaran tank would be able to decimate infantry units if all the HB upgrades were taken but then its around 150pts but dishes out approx 15 shots. It can kill all those pesky jink-save units and lighter vehicles.

I think i'm gonna need a Chaos knight just to compete with Imperial equivalents

My list currently contains
Chaos Sorcerer - 150
lvl 3
Sigil of Corruption
Mark of Tzeentch

10 Marines - 205
2 Plasma Guns (unsure on rhino, if they points allow then maybe)

10 Marines - 205
2 Plasma Guns (unsure on rhino, if they points allow then maybe)

Chaos Knight Paladin - XXX

21-07-2015, 23:49
I'm dump the bog standard marines in a heartbeat and take cultists instead, they're only there to hold objectives anyways.

Sicarans are insanely good, but way out of my budget

Another gem imo are the renegade artillery batteries, they're devilishly good for their points

Rapier batteries...you can never go wrong with them

22-07-2015, 01:06
Another gem imo are the renegade artillery batteries, they're devilishly good for their pointsThe ordnance tyrant from IA 5 2nd edition is the way to go with those - field batteries as troops, artillery and heavy ordnance in both elite and heavy support, and the ability to fire barrages at friendly targets (allowing you to tie up enemy units in combat and then shell them while they are bunched up).

23-07-2015, 07:52
Which way is the best way to field cultists. i can get approximately 50 cultists for the same price as 20 marines but are the combat ones better than the shooty guys or take a mix? I have never fielded or played against these so i have no idea.

The rest of the list has:

Lvl 3 Sorcerer (sigil of Corruption, Mark of Tzeentch)

20 x Cultists
20 x Cultists
20 x Cultists

5 Terminators (2x Combi-Flamers, 2x Combi-Melta, Repear Autocannon)

1 Heldrake
1 Hell Blade
1 Hell Blade

1 Vindicator
1 Chaos Relic Sicaran Battle Tank
1 Rapier Support Battery (Laser Destructor)

1 Chaos Knight Paladin

Gonna convert/paint this us to a thousand sons theme. was contemplating Night Hawks, but seems to fit Thousand Sons better as that's what the Termies and Sorcerer are Marked with.