View Full Version : Can anyone remember name of old school WD article writer.

22-07-2015, 12:29
It would have been in late 90s early 00s he wrote odd articles for WD. He was a Mike or a Matt or something like that, he wrote in a humourous style wittering on about Wiltshire weather, Bagpuss vs Scooby Doo fights and wanting to get Kylie Minogue into his gaming group?

22-07-2015, 12:33
Mike Walker.

I guessed you meant him when I saw the thread title. :D

22-07-2015, 12:40
Thanks Avian that memory fail had been bothering me for days!

22-07-2015, 12:45
I had to check my WD collection to find the name, and in the meanwhile Avian managed to answer.

Mike Walker certainly had quite a personal style of writing.

22-07-2015, 13:13
His articles and reports from his gamming group were always fun and informative to read. I wonder what he's up to now?

22-07-2015, 13:36
Yeah, I remember his articles just really gelled with how I wanted my games of Warhammer to be, story led, lots of fun and food, drink and good cheer being as important as the actual games. It was fun seeing which of my friends were similar in personality to his friends too!

22-07-2015, 15:11
I remember his Witch Hunter army, which was an Empire army entirely without Knights, Steam Tank, Wizards, blackpowder weapons or victories! :D

Really, his articles were always great reads, and the "kill ring" idea is something I've used for many, many years.

bound for glory
22-07-2015, 20:10
jervis told me and a friend that the guy passed due to a heart attack. must have been 2006-ish.

22-07-2015, 20:14
That's a great shame. :(

22-07-2015, 20:37
Sad to hear that he has passed away.

I am wondering how he ended up getting into WD in the first place, since by that time the article authors seemed to be very prominently GW design studio staff.

22-07-2015, 20:50
IIRC it was mentioned in one of his first articles that he simply sent some in. They did still have submission guidelines back in those days.

22-07-2015, 21:12
Hate to hear he passed away, was literally about to ask what happened to him before I read that. I truly miss the old age of White Dwarf when it was worth getting. I stopped my sub after many, many years when they stopped it being a monthly mag and broke it into that WD/Vision crap.

22-07-2015, 21:37
Ah, those were the days. I remember Mike's articles well. :)

Sorry to hear of his passing.

23-07-2015, 12:59
Anybody having an idea what were his first and last articles in WD?

The latest one that I could find at the moment was from WD 297 (September 2004), aptly named "How to lose at Warhammer". Interestingly this was a six page article, while most of his previous articles were four pages.