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22-07-2015, 12:34
Guardians of the Deepwood

Now that we know there are currently no Elves (Aelfs), why this set was released as all trees makes sense. Too bad nobody bought it because Dryads became worse in the 8th Ed WE book.

22-07-2015, 14:53
I sold one of these a wile ago. Some peoples just buy what they like and dont care about how strong it is.

Most of this sets are horrible when it comes to playablity. Like the Darkelf Box.. no one would ever play the Admiral if he wants to win.
Or the Chaos Monster Box.

GW just dont know what players want. Just look at some rules or some boxes. Im sure Those peoples made this boxes never played the game in thier life. Thats part of the Problem. Marketing desicions from peoples dont even know the Game. Rules made by Peoples never really played the game. The idea to make a big model and throw some random rules on them will make them bestsellers.

22-07-2015, 15:09
It always annoyed me that boxes like these came up on the 'new releases' section of GW website. I go there to see what pretty new models there are, not which old models have been put in one box and sold for a miserably small discount.

22-07-2015, 18:32
A mate of mine actually got this box soon after it came out due to really liking the treeman kit. He made a total of 4 treemen from it with some green stuff but has yet to paint them

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