View Full Version : Multiple wounds vs wound ignoring abilities

23-07-2015, 16:20
I know that you used to roll once for ward save against multiple wounds, but in AOS, abilities like Dragon Cloak of Fyrskar that let you roll a dice each time the slayer king suffer a wound or mortal wound, on a 6 it is ignored.

Does that mean if the slayer king gets hit by an irongut who has a damage characteristic of 3 and fail the save, you would roll 1 dice for each wound(3 dice total)to see if any wounds can be ignored by the ability?

23-07-2015, 21:24
When an attack is successful it deals a number of wounds equal to its damage characteristic. There is no intermediate step where your wounding hit is then multiplied after the fact like in eighth edition.
So, in short, your dwarf would have to make three not-save rolls to avoid all the Wounds.

24-07-2015, 01:55
So you are saying that wounds resolve individually even if they are from a single attack. In the example above, the dwarf rolls 3 dice, and takes one less wound for each 6 he gets.

24-07-2015, 05:37
Remember that there is no such thing as ward saves in Age of Sigmar. The various rules that enable you to ignore wounds or mortal wounds (never described as a save) enable you to roll to ignore each point of damage suffered - so after you have determined the total damage pool, for each wound suffered you get a roll to ignore it.

Full sequence would be - Irongut hits, irongut wounds, Ungrim fails save. Damage is 3 so 3 wounds inflicted. For each of these wounds inflicted you can then roll to ignore the wounds inflicted. Makes things nice and clear, and means that the basic structure of hit - wound - save - damage is kept untouched.