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23-07-2015, 18:17
Was just wondering what people would recommend to each thanquol and bone ripper with in aos? The warp fire guns seem pretty tasty but just wanted to get other opinions.

"I am the power of death incarnate. I am the swords edge; I hungrily cut the flesh and drink deep of the bloody well beneath. Give me your body, and I promise you glory, I promise you vengeance and I promise you immortality - if you will only let me..."

-Antwyr, the sword god

24-07-2015, 00:53
I have play tested Thanquol & Boneripper and the new power level of the model is ridiculous!

Definitely major buffed since 8th.

RAW the model can cause 2d6 mortal wounds per turn due to the warpfire which considering Ikit Claw is I believe D3 once per game is ridiculous (or GW forgot to put in once per game for it)

With decent rolls Thanquol can ROFL stomp Karl Franz in a turn.

We actually house ruled to warpfire thrower to be once per game for Thanquol. Reading Ikits warscroll we decided this was RAI but you never know. With so many wounds and bone rippers combat damage potential even ignoring the "I delete you" thrower, Thanquol and Boneripper are more powerful than ever but I guess that is befitting of their new found status in AOS

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