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23-07-2015, 20:42
Here is our attempt to bring some balance to AoS, with the use of maths.

Basically 1 point of skill in any characteristics costs one point, 2 points of skill cost 3 points..... so

1 = 1
2 = 3
3 = 6
4 = 10
5 = 15
6 = 21

After you have added up the move, save, bravery and wound characteristics, you do the same for any weapons that they carry (ignoring ranges on ranged weapons).

Any model with the fly ability costs an extra 55 points because they don’t usually have a movement rate.

Wounds had to be treated as little differently as they are a big thing, so see below.

For characteristics that are rolls of 4+, 5+ etc., a roll of 6+ would cost 1 point, 5+ 3 points, 4+ 6 points….

This should give you a number stating what they are worth.

For troops and troops only, you divide that number by ten and round up to the nearest whole. Heroes, wizards, monsters and war machines are left at the original number.

Finally for anything with more than one wound you add 5 points to their total for each wound they have (after the number has been divided and round up)

Most special rules are ignored for points, as everyone has lots of them anyhow.

It has seemed to work out pretty well so far.

Here are the points for a few basic troops:

Dark Elf Dread Spear - 6
High Elf Spearmen – 7
Bloodletter – 9
Dwarf Hammerers – 7
Orc with Choppa– 5
Orc Arrer boyz – 6
Goblin with spear - 4
Empire State troop with sword – 5
Warrior of Chaos with hand weapon – 17
Ogre - 28

A few elites –

Demigryph Knight with lance and sword – 31
Chaos Knight with Ensorcelled hand weapon – 27
Blood Knight - 27

Characters –

Chaos Lord with Hellforged Glaive – 138
Ogre Tyrant with club and brace of pistols – 188
Empire General with Sigmarite Weapon - 98
High Elf Prince with Starblade

Special Characters

Karl Franz on Deathclaw with a Runefang -379
Nagash – 442
Archaon – 231

Like I said, everything seems pretty even so far and there have been no disputes about costing’s or size of armies. The only trouble is the stupid summoning rules…… grrrrrr.

Let us know what you think :)

23-07-2015, 21:30
We are currently working through one army book at a time, High Elves and Chaos first.

23-07-2015, 21:49
The rule and development forum has about a dozen comp systems in development right now, you'll probably wnat to move this thread there.

23-07-2015, 22:04
Cool, good idea :)