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24-07-2015, 20:14
I dont know if I should put this in tactic or in army list.
So any mod can feel free to move this if it is at the wrong place.

Age of sigmar is here and I am about to jump this train.

At the local shop were I hang out sometimes they balance the armies on wounds, and they are going to have a tournament soon wich I think I will attend if I can manage to finnish painting my army.

The wounds cap is at 100 wounds and I was thinking on fielding the following:
Glottking: 18 wounds
Bloab: 12 wounds
Nurgle warshrine: 12 wounds
5x Blightkings (without champion): 15 wounds
5x Blightkings (without champion): 15 wounds
3x Chaos Trolls: 12 wounds
10x Warriors of chaos, mark of nurgle, halberds, full command: 20 wounds
Total: 104 wounds

Both bload and glott can give minus to hit and have a 12" range attack and they give boosts to the rest of the army.
Blightkings have a chanse to heal friendly nurgle units.

So the idea is to have the two blocks of blightkings in front in "V-formation" and behind them the warriors (who can strike at 2" because of the halberds).
Behind the front line is bloab and glott buffing and shooting.
The trolls protect one flant and the shrine the other.
Then just march down the center and shoot/fight my way throu.

Do you think this is a good list synergywise?
Any other ideas on optimisation?

All comments are welcome!

26-07-2015, 08:00
Imo at 100 wounds that is a very powerful list

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31-07-2015, 07:43
My only note is: be careful about the glottkin. It is a very powerful unit like Nagash, and people may be reluctant to play against it.

02-08-2015, 02:51
I'm surprised you didn't include a nurgle chaos lord to dish out "nurgle's rot" to the warriors.

Actually thinking about it I would rather have chaos knights over the warriors

02-08-2015, 08:54
Yea, i feel that the nurgless rot ability is useless when including blightkings because their ability is the same, only better because they have a chanse to also heal friendly nurgle units within 3".
That is why I did not include a foot lord.

But perhaps I am missing something about this?

About knights over warriors.
Sure knights are better. But i feel with this "slow" list, I think it would be very synergetic to have blightkings infront of warriors with halberds, then the warriors can strike "over" the blightkings with their 2" attack range. But I might be wrong about this?

Thank you for all reply's

03-08-2015, 12:08
Be careful you have few models your oponent only needs to kill 20 models to win

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04-08-2015, 02:13
mortal wounds can wreck havoc on those smaller units. youll have a big foot print on the battlefield which i feel helps with deployment positioning