View Full Version : Warhammer 40k games in Guelph Ontario.

24-07-2015, 21:41
Just wondering if there any any Warseers out there from Guelph Ontario willing to set up a match of 40k i'm a pretty casual gamer, not too competitive, and would like to find some opponents.
I wouldn't even mind hosting a gaming night or something along those lines although I don't have too much in the way of terrain. PM or message on here thanks!
Ohh and I play DA, GK and Orks if you're interested.

25-07-2015, 22:52
Drop by the Game's Club at the UC. If there's someone in that neck of the woods, the Games Club would probably know. Also, there's the Dragon, they look to do minis gaming on Saturdays.

27-07-2015, 01:19
My work schedule doesn't really facilitate the dragons early Saturday morning minis unfortunately. But thanks for the tip on the UC I'll see what I can do.

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