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25-07-2015, 15:55
I have had a couple of test with a few different armies (old ones) I have found that if you use the points for units from 8th edition books you get fairly balanced lists. You can still say you need 1-2 heroes 0-2 monsters etc ect. It also works well if you say you must take 25% of the army form old core units. Obviously this does not help with sigmarines and the new chaos stuff.

You still pay for upgrades such as musician/standard (10 points but e whole unit get them (this simulates the old pick u rule) )

Sure you guys will point out a flaw or 10 but I recommend you try it for yourselves

05-08-2015, 23:03
I tried this in my first AOS game with Dwarves against a Vampire player. It didnīt work at all, because zombies were buffed to be average units, at least when you have 30 of them (he used over 50).
Dwarves on the other hand, at least the average core units, stayed the same, so he had like 4-5 times the models because we used the old points.

Imo the old points are not a good solution, especially when the old rules had very cheap models (like zombies, gnoblars etc.) for one army and the opponent uses "old" elites.

05-08-2015, 23:46
Skaven absolutely breaks this, I have to take 25% of my army in my best infantry that is equivalent to several other armies elite infantry? Oh NO how horrible!!!!

13-08-2015, 16:56
I've tried the Azyrcomp rules but they just aren't quite detailed enough to keep things even. Indyscore seems better to me but I'm biased due to it being built by a friend. However both have upsides and downsides.


13-08-2015, 21:05
Best system we have found so far is by cost of a box of models, using the current GW prices on the website.

I will bring $500 worth of Daemons vs. your $500 worth of Elves

Bloodthrister 116
20 Bloodletters (2 boxes) 58
20 Bloodletters (2 boxes) 58
Herald of Khorne 22
Herald of Khorne 22
10 FleshHounds (2 boxes) 100
BloodCrushers 55
Soul Grinder 66

Seems to fit right in with the GW mentality of you can play at any level and you know the buy in.
For example if you and you gaming buddies all say "$300 each is our budget" then everyone is on the same level, for the most part there are some discrepancies, but there was in 8th edition as well.
Plus brand new player just starting off can find a pick-up game more easily "hey you want to play? I have $100 worth of models." and you know exactly the size and type of the game you are going to be playing.
And as an added bonus it tells you exactly how much you are spending on your hobby.

And NO, discounted prices, eBay auctions, etc. does not count. Whatever the model "counts as" (in the case of proxies, mantic, etc.) is whatever the current GW website price listing for the unit/model is.