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25-07-2015, 22:38
Hey folks,
I was finishing up my last long fang today and I used the new back torso with wolfcloak from the new SW accessories sprue. I took one of my front torso pieces and tried to insert it into the new back piece, guess what, they didnt fit together. Both the front and back torso pieces had the same nub on the inside and neither of them had a hole. In general, the back torso piece has the hole in which the front piece fits in. So, I had a new box of devastators on my desk, and guess what, all the new space marine kits have now flip flopped. The back torso piece has the nubs and the front has the hole.

I generally do alot of converting and mixing and matching of bits. It would seem something as easy as this, GW could keep consistent. Do you think there is a reason for why they made this change in the front and rear torso pieces? Is it the same with any new Dark Angel kits?

Just musing.

The Black Shield
25-07-2015, 22:46
They started this trend with the new Sterngard kits.

25-07-2015, 22:51
Any thought why?

25-07-2015, 23:12
who knows!

I've got a huge bits box, and I'm pretty sure this has occurred with other older plastic kits too. I've run into that 'problem' a lot of times. But it's not at all difficult to deal with.

But I do agree with you, GW should be aiming for universal compatibility between all their available kits, including fantasy... but they don't, not perfect compatibility.

On the subject though: I do think GW should return to creating game profiles for units that have no production model, but have 'official' kit-bashes instead.

The Black Shield
25-07-2015, 23:14
The only thing I can can think of is that they want to make you buy the Veteran packs to use with the upgrades. Making people buy Sterngard to use the upgraded torsos makes more money. For a 10 man squad, instead of making around $70 for Tactical Squad and 2 upgrade packs you have to pay close to $130 for 2 Sterngard Squads and 2 upgrade packs.

25-07-2015, 23:56
Stern guard and vanguard were the first with the flip of pegs and sockets but now tac squad assault squad and devs are the same way. Same with the new upgrade packs. It's not a ploy, all the new marine torsos are the same way. It just started with the sternguard. And the old fronts and backs can work with the new ones. Just shave off the pins.

26-07-2015, 02:15
Whenever I put together Space Marine minis, I've always noticed that when I put the front and back half of the chest pieces together putting the pins on one half into the sockets in the other half, they are usually slightly off center. I always cut off the pins so I can glue the front and back half of the chest pieces together perfectly. So for me, it doesn't really matter where the pins and sockets are on the chest pieces.