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26-07-2015, 18:23
So I'm planning a new list... thoughts and feedback on the below please.

Craftworld Warhost Detachment [Primary Detachment]:
Guardian Battlehost:
Farseer - 100
10 Guardians - (free weapon [Eldar Missilie Launcher]) - 90
10 Guardians - (free weapon [Eldar Missilie Launcher]) - 90
10 Guardians - (free weapon [Eldar Missilie Launcher]) - 90
1 War Walker - 2 Scatter Lasers - 60
1 Vyper - 2 Shuriken Cannons - 50
1 D-Cannon - 55

Heroes of the Craftworld:
Autarch: Fusion - 80

Engines of Vaul:
3 Falcons - 3 Pulse Lasers, 3 Scatter Lasers, 3 Shuriken Cannons - 405

Aspect Host:
5 Fire Dragons - Exarch - 120
5 Fire Dragons - Exarch - 120
5 Fire Dragons - Exarch - 120

Eldar Combined Arms Detachment [Secondary Detachment]:
Farseer Skyrunner - 115
3 Windriders - 51
3 Windriders - 51
3 Hornets - 6 Pulse Lasers - 240

Total 1837pts.

19-08-2015, 17:04
This looks like a pretty fun army list especially from top to bottom, especially with those tasty hornets. Your HQ choices are well suited for what you have, the Farseer will literally work wonders and that Autarch will come in handy. Your troops choice definitely fills the role of slaying infantry, guardians can let off quite the nasty salvo and you can never go wrong with jet bikes. A friend of mine played a game against a Grey Knights player where a beat up group of guardians (less than 10) shot at a dread knight and almost brought the illogical thing down thanks to the blade storm rule. But the only issue I have with your troops choice is the 30 foot slogging guardians with a 5+ save through open field. I love the detachment but I feel you might be experiencing a reenactment of Gettysburg every time you move your boys up. The only way i see that working is if your opponent gets tunnel vision and forgets about them. But all that might happen as you cloud strike those 13 bs5 Fire Dragons and their 3 bs6 exarchs with 3 falcons to boot right where it hurts. I wish you could take a picture of your opponents face when you deep strike with out scatter this anti-armor nightmare on your opponents treasured toys (especialy when all his anti infantry is dicking around some where else (those Bait guardians). The only way this blows up in your face is if you cant get anti infantry help to those Dragons quickly leaving them stranded (But then again your falcons will be letting off 4 scatter laser shots and 3 shuriken cannon shots). yet again this problem might be solved with your rescue jet bike squadron if they are with in range at the right time(hah bitch please these are Eldar jet bikes not hard). All in all this list is very deadly and has fail safes built in to make sure those small catastrophes dont happen. A very Saim-han army list, focas on execution + timing and your opponents blinding fear will be your biggest ally.