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28-07-2015, 14:41
Hello everyone! I'll be brief and let the document speak for itself. I love warhammer but me and my gaming Group felt that alot of depth was removed with Age of Sigmar, this is our attempt at getting back lots of depth without removing or altering the feel of Age of Sigmar. For us, this is just a greatly improved AOS game and we have alot of games under our belts with it.

I have altered the original GW document to keep it nice looking and have included the Dropbox link below. Now, the download is 120 Mb thanks to quite alot of new material including reworks of all the old lores of magic from the rulebook, and a handful of new ones, (some of which will be army specific)


To help you decide whether this is something for you and your Group I have also compiled the most dramatic Changes in a list below, enjoy!

*During your Hero-Phase, right after using Heroic abilities, your wizards generate spelldice and can cast spells using a system much closer to the old one. Wizards can come in 3 levels which increases the amount of spelldice they generate and the number of spells from their lore of magic they know.

Im particulary proud of how magic turned out, the balance of cost when Fielding wizards and the effectiveness on the battlefield. It really feels great and gives ALOT of tactical depth to any army without coming close to certain things in 8th edition... (dwellers below and having a GG 1st turn)

*To balance the game we go back to Points and use the following system:

A model’s point cost is calculated the following way: (Wounds+Attacks) x Bravery. If a model has several attack profiles on them and/or their mount, you add all these up to calculate the points cost.
Many models have options to enter the battle with one of many alternatives, in these cases you only count the attacks from the weapons that are actually being used in the battle.
For the purposes of calculating points cost, attack profiles with “D6” as the number of attacks count as 3.5.
There are however, a couple of exceptions to this rule. These are:
*Units with the Wizard, Priest, War Machine or Monster keyword double their total points cost after the aforementioned calculation has been done.
*All models with the Wizard keyword must be upgraded to a level 1, level 2 or level 3 wizard. This cost comes in the form of a flat points cost to your army list which costs 75pts per wizard level.
*Models with 1 Wound and 1 attack on their profile can only ever cost a maximum of 15 points.
*Models with 1 Wound, 1 missile attack and 1 melee attack on their profile can only ever cost a maximum of 20 points.

*Characters inside units with the same base size cannot be targeted by spells and ranged attacks unless there are 3 or less models left in the unit (including the character himself)

*You cannot both move and charge in the same turn. Charges are performed by Rolling ONE D6 and adding your movement to the roll. Failing a charge will still move your unit the number on the D6 straight towards the unit you attempted to charge.

*Miscast Table which is referred to in the event of a miscast, (this happens when you roll two or more 1s when casting a spell)

*Targeting is done by base-to-base.

Please give this system a try if it looks ok and modify it to your own liking. I just want to give something to those that feel similarly about AOS as me but have no experience with game design or just dont feel comfortable changing the rules.

Lastly, this is not fully completed. I still have some Lores of Magic to write and some polishing in the document, and the Points system is Always open for criticism and adjustments as needed. (This goes for Everything though)

Hope you enjoy these rules and dont forget to share it wherever you want!

28-07-2015, 17:43
This is 51 pages long? Sounds like you put in more effort than GW did.