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31-07-2015, 11:10
Hi there,

Since GW have taken WHFB out back and shot it, I've decided to get back in to 40k. The fact that 40k has a much tighter rules set - I know, I'm scared, too - is a huge part of this. However, I'm also a bit of a fluff bunny. I've my heart set on building a 3000pt list based around an Imperial Guard company protected by a Knight. The regiment, The Falconfall 36th, has been cut off from all aid for years now. Warpstorms, yadda yadda. They are trying to get home. This has led to them losing a lot of their heavy guns and tanks. So they're very infantry-heavy. In my head it also means that some have even fallen in love and married as they travel. So they have quite a few civilians and kids with them at this stage.

This is where the Knight steps in.

The Falconfall 36th happen upon a small world used by Dark Eldar as a sort of giant Coliseum. The 36th, being an upstanding bunch of gents, as well as in need of supplies, decide to mount a raid. Out-Dark Eldaring the Dark Eldar, as it were. In a fighting pit, they find a Knight and its pilot. They rescue him and take him back to their raggle-taggle fleet.

The Knight now travels with them as a Freeblade. He owes them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. Of course, the 36th are delighted. They now have something more than lasguns and bazookas to help them on their way.

As a mark of respect for his new lance brothers, the Knight paints his machine in the camouflage of the 36th. Drab olive brightening to a dusky yellow in broad bands.

Basically what I'm asking is will I get away with a camo scheme Knight from a fluff perspective? There are no other vehicles in the list, not even chimeras, so I'd like him to blend with the units as much as possible. Otherwise, it just looks like a PDF regiment with a Knight attached. I'd rather the Knight felt like part of the infantry. Protecting them and watching over them. An iron giant on their shoulders.

31-07-2015, 13:44
Yeah, sounds perfectly fine to me. The very personal heraldry of Knights means that a pilot could choose to adopt the color scheme of who he fights with - in this case camo.

Lord Damocles
31-07-2015, 16:54
Contrary to poular belief, all the brightly coloured dudes do sometimes use ralatively sensible camo.

There are battle titans in camo schemes, so there's no reason a knight shouldn't also adopt it.

31-07-2015, 19:20
Out-Dark Eldaring the Dark Eldar, as it were.

No one out dark eldars the dark eldar mon-keigh........:shifty:

unless you have a collection of fine soul wine, vids of your favorite kills, carpets made of your enemies too....

now that thats settled yes it kinda fits....except we dark kin don't normally use real space places as fighting pits...we only grace you mon keigh with our presence to raid your shacks and drink up on your souls. Our "fighting pits" are usually in the webway, so that when contestants die, everyday dark eldar can enjoy too. In real space, we dark kin actually degrade and wither so its not terribly good for our health to stick around in realspace too long.

It'd be more sense if your guardsmen travel to a world that's very prone to dark eldar raids and they beat one off and among the captives liberated is that knight in question. Other than that, your story sounds perfect fully the norm in this crazy universe we all inhabit.

02-08-2015, 17:42
How does a stranded Astra Millitarum regiment make their way home? Home is another planet. You can't exactly walk there. Do they hitchhike? I imagine that is the only possible way that could work. However, ships have limited space. Does the regiment and camp followers split up should there be no room for them on a ship? Running into a Rogue Trader or Chartist Captain takes some luck as it is. If the captain doesn't allow for the entire group to buy passage with their bartered services and equipment, than does regiment command allow the split? If they are lucky I suppose some kind of Naval force comes upon a planet they are on and they can volunteer to campaign with them in exchange for passage. I imagine given the sheer amount of equipment they have lost over time would probably mean that they would be sorry to run into the munitorium representatives that would likely have them shot for their transgressions so maybe they avoid naval elements all together. How the hell does this wandering 'regiment' even come across a Dark Eldar slave pit planet anyway? Let's put aside the fact that Dark Eldar don't operate outside of the webway for extended periods of time and thus the idea of a coliseum planet is infeasible. How did they even get there? Some kind of agreement to attack the world in exchange for transport there? Hey, wait a second. How do guardsmen even know which way home even is? These aren't exactly a militia. They must have been deployed quite a ways from home. Where the hell is home? How do they get to it? How do they even know that a ship would be taking them closer to home?

I'm unsure if these people would even be classified as a regiment anymore. Don't get me wrong, those are the rules that best reflect what they are. Its also very interesting playing as a wandering diaspora sailing the stars by whatever means necessary to reach what by now must be a mythical homeland. The Freeblade with a debt of honor to their cause is the thing that makes the most conventional sense out of all of this.

02-08-2015, 19:31
Think Battlestar Galactica. In my head it's more of a battlegroup. Attached naval elements etc. And, yeah I think the wandering diaspora thing is what I'm aiming for. Some of the men under arms might even be second generation at this stage. Their homeland is indeed mythical to some of them. Just a name on a chart. I sort of like that idea, though. I'm glad the consensus is that the Knight is fine in all this!

28-08-2015, 15:51
The flotilla could have fought off a Dark Eldar party and given chase to the survivors, following them into the webway? The stumbled across a bubble realm where the fighting pits were? I like the notion of an indebted Knight and a ragtag group of guardsmen. From a fanfiction point of view that could be pretty awesome actually... anyway, sounds cool, post some pics of the finished army

29-08-2015, 06:54
Imperial Guard doesnt have space ships. After the Horus Heresy 10.000 years ago Imperial Army split into Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy. Imperial Guard wont cannot travel beetwen planets without space ships, while Navy dont have a planet attacking force.

I like the story but i think you need to include some form of travelling space ship. I would propose a Rogue Trader or Inquisitor ship. If you go Rogue Trader way you can even pretend its his personal army.