View Full Version : Fishing for Lores of Magic spell in AoS warscrolls

01-08-2015, 07:57
I have noticed some of the 8th edition Lores of Magic spells have survived in a modified form in the AoS warscrolls. I'm doing a compilation to implement mini-Battle Lores you can choose to exchange for the default spells.

Up to that point, I have noticed:
Fire: Fireball, Cascading Fire-cloack
Beasts: Wildform, Amber Spear
Life: Lifebloom, Awakening of the forest
Death: Soul stealer, ..?
Heavens: Comet of Cassandora, Chain Lightning
Light: Light of Battle, Burning Gaze
Shadows: Mystifying Miasma, Enfeeble Foe
Metal: Searing Doom, Final Transmutation

As you can see, there seems to be two of them (which fits neatly into my plan) except for Death. Did you find any other?