View Full Version : would like some tips at making a AoS nurgle warrior list [100 wounds]

06-08-2015, 13:21
Like the title say: would like some tips at making a AoS nurgle warrior list.
The mandatory units are:
10x blightkings [30 wounds]
Bloab rotspawned [12 wounds]
Glottkin [18 wounds]
Total: 60 wounds
Remaining: 40 wounds.

Why I want Bloab and glott is because they fit the theeme very well and then both have a 12" range attack that I think will be very usefull.
Because both are wizards it might be a good idea to also fit in atleast one chaos familiar to boost the magic phase.
Both bloab and glott have a chanse at making the oponent -1 to hit also.
glott can heal each herophase, and if he is within 3" of the blightkings, on 6's, he can heal 2D3 wounds (if I have the blightkings in two units of 5)

Any thoughts on this are super welcome!

To clearify: I need 40 wounds of nurgle units to fit the theeme and to be somewhat competative and synergetic with the mandatory part.

This is for a 100 wound tournament.

Thank you all in advance for all comments and suggestions!

06-08-2015, 13:39
Nurglings nurglings and nurglings. There ability to regenerate is neigh unstoppable.

06-08-2015, 13:52
But, do they hit well?

I was thinking of perhaps add 10 warriors of chaos with halberds (2" weapon range) to stand behind the blightkings and "strike over" them. But this might not be doable and/or good.

Is a warshrine worth it?

Or perhaps 20-25 plaugebearers to get the -2 for shooting and -1 for melee?

06-08-2015, 14:49
Out of inbterest, and i'm genuinley sorry if I cme across as one of the angry anti AoS types, but are you looking to steamroller your opponent or do you know that they will be running a beastly 100 wound list?

The first couple of games I played I thought I'd taken a balanced force and ended up crushing my opponent utterly. I certainly didn't mean too! Since you're coming up with a list ahead of time and won't know what your opponent is bringing (I assume?) aren't you worried that this might be the case, because the mandatory units there are AoS gold!

If this is a tournament and everyone there wil be trying they're best to win you'll want something fast that can kill summoning wizards (Slann, Nagash etc) because if you let them get going the opponents force can be unnstopable before you get across the table.

06-08-2015, 14:55
I just wanna create a good list using the tournament rules.
People comming to the event will try their best to win a guess :)
The summons will get major restrictions (I do not know what theese restrictions are fully) so i do not think I have to worry to much about this.
I think the bane for me will be enemy shooting and undeal cavelery (is it blood knights who have 3+ save 2 somethings damage and hit/wound on 3+ ?)

I do not want to be "hyper competative", I want a theemed nurgle/blightking list that works okeyish in game.

Thank you all for all suggestions and thoughts!

Spiney Norman
07-08-2015, 10:07
Your force looks very elite and therefore very strong in AoS

I would get a couple of hell cannons if you think they fit in your theme (the maggoth Lord mount that is vomiting makes rather a good nurgle themed hell cannon) and then pack as many wizards (sorcs or Great unclean ones) as you can for maximum summoning. Your force is already quite elite which is great so unless your opponent has done the same you should have a good chance of instant death, then all you have to do is pick the warlord assassin condition and blast away with the hell cannons whilst summoning whatever nurgle daemons you like.

If your opponent's chosen character survives more than a couple of turns under a dual hell cannon bombardment I will be very surprised.

07-08-2015, 12:33
I have now decided on a force for the 100 wound tournament.
This tournament will not use sudden death.

Glottkin [18 wounds]
Bloab rottspawned [12 wounds]

10x Blightkings, Banner, Music [30 wounds]
11x Chaos Warriors, MoN, Full Command, Halberds [22 wounds]

4x Chaos Trolls [16 wounds]
1x Chaos Familiar [1 wound]
1x Chaos Familiar [1 wound]

The idea is to have blightkings in front and warriors behind striking over them.
Behind them is Glott and Bloab shooting over the footsoldiers with their 12" attack and doing magic.
And one familiar next to each bloab and glott to get +1 to cast and +1 to unbind.

The Trolls run down one of the flanks to try to take out eventual warmachines.

The trolls will be replaced by plauge drones at a later date, but for now I use the trolls because I have the finnished modells for this and not for drones.

Any thoughts and suggestions on this?

29-08-2015, 01:34
I played against a Chaos Troll list last week. They were just wrecking my sylvaneth units. You'll be happy you had them.

29-08-2015, 16:27
How about adding one more Chaos Troll?

01-09-2015, 05:41
Add the Tally Man. And like mentioned before, nurglings. They are hard to kill and can dish out some mortal wounds.

02-09-2015, 17:44
Epidemus isn't a bad addition. My current 100 wounds rotbringer list is:
Gutrot spume
Lord of plagues
Rotbringer sorcerer
Rotbringer sorcerer or Festus (depending what I'm facing, as the regular sorcerers can up their wounds over their max)

7 blight kings
7 blight kings
3 plague ogres
3 bile trolls

When upping the wounds ill likely start adding in daemons, already have nurglings and likely glottkin and ill be magnetizing the maggoth lord kit