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08-08-2015, 14:02
Hey all!

Posting this on a couple of forums to get some feedback. Any C&C would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

So it appears that the Azyr comp has risen to become the most well respected comp system for AoS thus far. Me and my buddies have given it a few games and it seems to be pretty awesome. I believe in the growth of this comp system and I think this will pretty much be what tournies will be based on. That being said, I want to devise a tourney list, let me know what you guys think:


Black Orc Big Boss (Grimgor for comps that allow it, they're the same points) - 3 Points

Orc Bully - 1 Point


10 Black Orcs - 6 Points
- Full Command
- Orc Banner (+2 to bravery)

10 Black Orcs - 6 Points
- Full Command
- Orc Banner (+2 to bravery)

3 Trolls - 4 Points

3 Trolls - 4 Points

War Machines:

Bolt Thrower - 2

Doom Diver - 2

Rock Lobber - 2

Azyr comp only allows the bully to stick with 1 machine. The rock lobber buff is useless (if you roll a 6 to hit, you get another shot). Im trying to decide between the bolt thrower (re-roll misses for both bolts) or the doom diver (D3 wounds becomes D6). What do you guys think?

Alternatively I can drop the bully, 3 machines, and one unit of blorcs and put in a mangler and an arachnarok that seem to be our armies 2 toughest units. Though 2 of the 3 machines do not need line of sight which means I can snipe out heroes right off the bat. I think it might be a better shot.

Squig herds seem to be the best wound for wound block at 1 point/10 models with 2 wounds each and D3 damage. Unfortunately I don't own any as of yet. I may buy them in the future.

This look good?

01-09-2015, 11:27
Hi there,

me and my buddies have been playing Azyr Comp and it dows seem pretty good.

As to the list it seems pretty tight but personally I think that 3 war machiens is a bit heavy in a 30pt game, I would drop down to a single one (your preferance as they all seem pretty good but i would probably go for the rock lobber or the spearchucka, as the -2 rend is sweet) and knock 5 black orcs out of the list ad make a single unit of 15, this would leave you with 7 points to spend.

now you could either be sensible and buy 35 orc boys or savages or you could spend them all on what is potentially the most damaging single model in the whole of AoS, the mangler squigg, if my maths holds it has the potential to put out a total of 52 Damage in a single round of combat! Epic!