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10-08-2015, 11:01
A dark ritual of immense consequence has begun within the Brimstone Peninsula in Aqshy. A fiery Realmgate is being awoken to allow reinforcements for Korghus Khul to enter but can he succeed in its completion. Vandus Hammerhand made aware of this dark ritual mobilizes his most trusted Stormcasts and strikes at the heart of this dark deed but can he stop it or is it too late?, join us on another action packed adventure in the Realm of Fire to find out.


10-08-2015, 12:56
First off, I have to say that your production value is easily one of the best I've seen in this context:

- Your miniatures are painted very well
- The gaming table looks very nice (maybe the terrain pieces were placed a bit off, but I'll get into that later)
- The camera wasn't shaky or out of focus most of the time
- Your voice is clear and easy to listen to

I haven't played AoS yet, so I wanted to watch a straigforward game in order to see how the game plays out. For that purpose, this video was near perfect - a big thank you for that!

Now to the game itself:

Reading the forums, there have been quite a few concerns as far as the balance goes. Most pro-Aos people argue that balance comes, in part, from the deployment phase and each player's means of manipulating it. Deploying certain units first and denying their opponent some of their own units by ending the deployment phase early seems to be an important means to balancing the encounter. I understand that you probably wanted to field and show off each unit (and they are all beautiful), but it would be nice to see a more detailed deployment phase in future battle reports, that influences the game in a meaningful way.

The Sigmarites appeared to have the upper hand from the start: All of their units have multiple wounds and save rolls, which proved to be the deciding factor in the fight between the Sigmarite battle line and the Bloodreavers. I really liked the idea of the geysirs (are they part of the official rules?), because it offset the inherent advantage of the Sigmarites a bit. Sadly that's not true for the rest of the terrain. The two pieces on the left side of the table were pretty much useless, since the scenario determined that the fight would take place on the far right side of the table. Placing those two terrain pieces on the right side would have made for more exciting encounters and decision making. This way, the Sigmarites had a straight forward charge opportunity.

This ties in with my next point: Another argument of the pro-Aos people seems to be that there is a lot of tactics involved in the movement and the "pile in" part. Again, I'm aware that you probably wanted to keep this simple and all, but this game eventually turned out to be a mere dicefest without much tactical finesse involved. With more terrain in the right places, this would have been so much more interesting :)

I really enjoyed your video and I hope you see this as constructive criticism. Please show off the parts where the real "meat" of the game is supposed to be, once you have gotten into the game.

Subscribed and looking forward to more AoS content!

10-08-2015, 14:21
Thanks!, Appreciate the feedback and kind comments. The lava geysers are part of the Times of War rules from the Age of Sigmar book when playing in the Realm of Fire (along with flaming arrows etc). We are still getting to grips with the game and the scenarios, i believe there is plenty of scope within the synergies of the warscrolls/ scenario special rules / mystical terrain and Magic to really play a very tactical game and im sure you will see more of this as the rules become second nature. Its actually quite tricky to even remember all the special things going on while making a video at the same time so we have been playing quite casually more playing from a narrative point of view. I think more complex and strategic play will develop as time goes on, thanks for watching and the comments! Cheers

Spiney Norman
12-08-2015, 07:52
I'd echo the comments above, the game was enjoyable to watch mainly because of your high quality paint jobs on the terrain and miniatures, however the scenario was heavily weighted in the favour of the stormcast (this is the case with the two starter forces anyway, but I notice you added a few things to make the stormcast side even stronger). I actually think the chaos player pulled out some good moves by a combination of crazy luck (killing vandus) and smart tactics. This is not so much a criticism of you but rather of the game as a whole, even when you are trying to put together a fair game, it doesn't usually work out that way.

I was also slightly confused by the pile in moves that were being made, as I understand the pile in mechanic you must move directly towards the closest enemy model, but there seemed to be quite a bit of 'sidestepping' to allow models from the back ranks to move into an attacking position.

13-08-2015, 08:42
Am loving the battle reports guys, have subscribed and am slowly working my way through them. Have to ask is this some sort of business or do you just have the most amazing man cave ever?

13-08-2015, 12:33
Thanks for the comments, its a 200yr old stable :) that isn't weather tight and there's a leaky roof so if it rains it drips onto the table so we have to check weather reports before playing! :), luckily here in the south of France its usually around 30degC and blue skies wall to wall so we don't have to abandon a game very often. I/we are normally in the UK, this is my folks place so we will continue when i get back to the UK in the Mancave 2.0 but the amount of content we make depends :). Its still an experiment, if people like our stuff enough and we get enough support we can do it fulltime otherwise we will just make videos when we have time, likely weekends etc. Job and 3 kids doesn't leave much time for making vids but lets see!.

Spiney Norman
13-08-2015, 16:06
Something an opponent picked me up on today which iirc was also a thing in your video, there was a lot of "this unit needs a 3 to make the charge". Technically this cannot ever be true because the rules forbid you from charging a unit that is within 3" and do not permit you to move within 3" of an enemy model in the movement phase. Therefore the minimum required to make a charge is at least 4, even when you are as close as you can legally be.

13-08-2015, 18:06
What? Moving towards and stopping 3" from your enemy is ok, and then surely a roll of 3 would be enough to complete a charge? Considering you only have to make it within 1/2" to count as a succesful charge right?

13-08-2015, 23:09
What? Moving towards and stopping 3" from your enemy is ok, and then surely a roll of 3 would be enough to complete a charge? Considering you only have to make it within 1/2" to count as a succesful charge right?

You at correct you only have to end within 1/2 an inch so stopping 3.000001 inches away means rolling a 3 week easily put your first model moved within 1/2 an inch, because 2.500001 inches of movement is still less than 3 inches.

14-08-2015, 02:47
You gave the Sigmarites cover save bonus the turn they charged the Khorne Heros on the terrain piece. You don't get a cover save bonus the tirn you charge.

also, great videos, but get rid of the backround music. It gets annoying listneing to the same song looping for 30 + minutes.

Quiet Sage
30-08-2015, 13:07
Hi, great video: Order had 1/3 more Might than Chaos though, 110 vs 78 Might, according to the Scroll of Might (see link below):

Might ... Unit (Equipment Alternative)
.... 21 ..... 1x Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
.... 13 ..... 1x Lord-Castellant
...... 4 ..... 1x Gryph-Hound
.... 11 ..... 1x Lord-Relictor
.... 18 ..... 3x Paladin Retributors
.... 15 ..... 3x Prosecutors
.... 14 ..... 5x Liberators
.... 14 ..... 5x Liberators
.. 110 Total Might

Might ... Unit (Equipment Alternative)
.... 17 ..... 1x Mighty Lord of Khorne
.... 10 ..... 1x Bloodsecrator
.... 10 ..... 1x Bloodstoker
.... 12 ..... 1x Khorgorath
.... 14 ..... 5x Blood Warriors
.... 15 ... 20x Bloodreavers (Reaver Blade, Icon, Horn)
.. 78 Total Might

You can find the Scroll of Might (pdf) here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?411805-Point-values-for-WHF-AoS-scrolls-the-Sage-of-Sigmar-Scroll-of-Might&.


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