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It's also a hammer
11-08-2015, 16:25
Recently bought Nagash to add to my vamp army and want to add some tomb king units eventually. Was wondering what some decent combos and builds you can get for the Undead legions with or without Nagash in the list

11-08-2015, 16:55
Most of the things in the VC book simply do what the TK equivalent does better. The notable exceptions are Sepulchral stalkers, with their ability to attack high armor units anywherer on the board, Warsphinxes who will ruin great weapon weilding infantry's day and with healing from VC will tar pit them for a long time, the casket which is just amazing, free power dice and a way to punish your opponent for leaving the leadership bubble plus it ignores armor. Then some people will take skeleton archers because they can shoot, and it is worth noting that unless you eaither A)want a magical banner or B) are looking to get armor and spears for your skeletons, TK skeletons are better for cheaper.

The only real "combo" that gets thrown around alot is a tomb King/prince in a unit of grave guard with banner of the barrows, now you have a ws 5/6 unit with S6, that tends to hit on 2's and wound on 2's

11-08-2015, 20:02
The only real "combo" that gets thrown around alot is a tomb King/prince in a unit of grave guard with banner of the barrows, now you have a ws 5/6 unit with S6, that tends to hit on 2's and wound on 2's
Add in a Necrotect for hatred re-rolls to hit in the first round of combat, if you want to be really mean (plus a Tomb Herald to keep the Prince/King alive).

I've been adding TK units to my VC army over the last few months. The Warsphinx is great to guard a flank, while Necropolis Knights are a decent alternative to Black Knights that are more useful beyond the first round of combat. A Screaming Skull Catapult is always welcome to offer some ranged threat while your troops advance, and Skeleton Archers do the same (though you may want to do some conversions for both units, as the TK models are ancient and don't fit in well with the current VC look).

11-08-2015, 23:56
There aren't all that much of interest to add to a VC centric army.
The place where you can find the most stuff to use will probably be the core section, as both archers and chariots can at least be decent where most undead core is just ****. Other than that, the casket is amazing and remains one of the best choices for its points in the game, and warsphinxes can be VERY nasty against elite infantry, aslong as they don't have to many attacks or poison. Or both, looking at you witchelves...

I would say that the biggest "combo" you can make would be to overload on magic, take the hierotian, casket and maybe mortis engine if going for a lot of lore of vampires, you could even add a master necro with the arcane periapt for more dice storing.

It's also a hammer
14-08-2015, 14:34
Brill thanks everyone that's helped streamline ideas for me

14-08-2015, 16:20
Thought I'd mention the Liche Priest,loved adding him to my Undead Legion.Lore of Nehekhara compliments Lore of Vampires brilliantly

03-12-2015, 05:59
Liche Priests, with Lore of Nehek, Light, and some interesting items, offering a meaningful alternative to necromancers, while tomb kings and princes's are naturally very tough melee characters that come with a very meaningful buff. Archers offer some ranged support, making them worth considering for mage bunkers. TK skittles are slightly different in ways that can matter. Horse archers are an interesting unit, especially if you're running Nagash*. Chariots can add a fair bit of hitting power, when compared to other core options. melee skeleton horsemen offer a cheaper and core alternative to black knights for mounted character delivery. In special tomg guard are mostly outclassed, but necropolis knights are decent, stalkers, while not great, offer more ranged options that we're a little lacking in. Ushabti are outclassed by our other MI options, but the warsphynx is amazing. In rare, the casket is amazing, heirotitans are also very nice for magic heavy builds, necrosphynxes aren't amazing but are certainly playable.

While there is some redundancy between the two undead factions, and TK are certainly the weaker list on their own (both in power and fun, imo) there's actually a lot of very nice options that they bring to each other in Undead Legion lists. Since the game died, I don't play anymore, but in it's latter days a casket, tomb king, and skittle archer mage bunker had mad their way into my 'always take' pile, and I was eager to build up a couple sphynxes and maybe some horse archers. Oh, well.

Nagash's End Times rules were no joke, he's practically a scenario unto himself. When playing Nagash, you always want a screen that can catch cannon balls (crypt horrors are best for this), and he really benefits from any magic buffs you can throw at him (hierotitan and casket especially). But what he really wants most of all is the first turn, the chance to set up a whole bunch of summoned units before enemy guns can even start chipping his wounds away. Normally VCs don't care about first turn - let the enemy go first, heal up any damage - so they want to field tons of small chaff units to drag out deployment so you can see what your opponent does first before committing, and the penalty to the first turn role doesn't matter.

Playing with Nagash is exactly the opposite, you want to go first, so you want to finish deployment first. Horse archers, since they deploy after normal deployment due to scouting, give you a solid chaff/interdictor/redirector unit like wolves, but that doesn't eat deployment drops.

But yeah, standard list for nagash - screen of 6 to 8 crypt horrors in front to catch cannons, a couple flanking zombie blocks to keep enemies off his flanks, casket + hierotitan to buff his magic, 2 to 4 horse archer units for chaff. Depending on game size, that's probably all your points already. Everything else, you summon.

03-12-2015, 22:50
Been playing UL for a while and I think it is a very fun army to play with.
You have so many options and they mix well together.
As mentioned, Tomb King in a grave guard unit(H/S or Great weapon, your choice) makes a good unit amazing. Throw in lore of Nek, maybe some ward save, extra attacks and so on and they get even better.
I got the extra attack spell on a 30-model unit of ghouls in horde formation and it was beautiful when they got to strike.
And with a 5+ ward, they suddenly became a bother to kill, would say that it puts the old mortis engine out of business since a lvl4 high priest is cheaper then the engine.
Also, casket of souls and a black coach works well together as well. The D3 extra power dices mean bigger chance of upgrading the coach. I have had mine fully buffed in round 2 thanks to extra dice the casket generates.

09-12-2015, 17:34
If you are still playing 8e with the End Times additions, then this Undead Legions tactica over on Carpe Noctem is a good thing to look at (though you might want to mess with the display themes, as the default spoiler blocks are difficult to read):