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12-08-2015, 07:38
So after a lot of games with my High Elf friend, we've both realized just how insanely broken Reavers are. In the points system we've been using they are priced at 38 points, exactly the same as Glade Riders. They have better armor than Glade Riders, but other than that are very similar. Until the special rules kick in. When shooting, if not in melee, they have 3 attacks instead of 2. And they have a special 2d6 move they can take before or after they shoot, which is infinitely more useful than the Glade Riders fast cav rule of running and shooting the same turn.

With Glade Riders, you can move, run, and then shoot. Realistically you are stopping as soon as you get within 20 inches of the target anyways, so that bonus run is of little value. The Reavers on the other hand can move into range (16), shoot, then 2d6 run AWAY again behind an object.

Most points systems have not taken the special rules into account that well, and most probably missed that this unit basically has 3 ranged attacks at all times, since it can kite better than any other unit in the game.

Just bringing this to people's attention, in case they are using a points system of some sort! These guys are worth balancing a bit, however you want to solve it. :P


13-08-2015, 08:31
Hmm I have noticed a lot of HE units are pretty much better than their WE counterparts wound for wound (wound based comp being the thing here). It's a bit annoying since the WE used to be masters of the movement phase but all movement related special rules are not on WE (I saw some vanguard move on human scouts I think while even waywatchers need to be deployed normally). I
I'm not sure a points based comp will be the thing for AoS though.

03-09-2015, 00:57
One reason why I am against point balance. Special rules can become cumbersome to measure equally. I have a set up that my friends and I are gonna give a go next week. Basically we will set a number of max warscrolls and build our forces intended in the rules. Only exception is you can't exceed the limit so no one will be able to drop their whole collection on the table.

My thoughts on this is to hopefully place balance in our hands. So if I saw my opponent drop Reavers (I know they are nasty) it would be up to me to deploy a unit that could either counter it or withstand the brunt and force my foe to counter deploy to me. Obviously if my friend plops down Nagash and I answer with a 10 man rat slave unit instead of throwing down a heavy hitter of my own then I can only be to blame.

As of now this is all theory, and I hope it works. Cause as you stated trying to point things out by just the numbers gives you cheap horsemen with insane movement. I'm curious what other units are pointed out cheap by numbers but really shine with their special rules. Either way, hope you come to a solution.

06-09-2015, 20:55
There hardly is any real countering though.. Units have a steady damage output and known number of wounds/save. The only thing that can somewhat counter is using high rend vs high armor. A unit that does way more attack/wound each turn is just very strong and nothing will change that really.