View Full Version : How to use Pink Horrors? 8th ed.

14-08-2015, 04:51
I have a Daemons of Chaos army based around Khorne and Tzeentch. I really like the idea/models of Pink Horrors but in my experience they usually don't get anything done in 2-3k games. I've used them in a variety of ways: units 10-20 with/without heralds, using different spells, loci...

Has anybody had success using Pink Horrors in a particular way?

14-08-2015, 08:45
Take a few 10-15 man units and hope one of them gets gateway. The kills from gateway should grow the unit to a decent size pretty quickly. I don't really know what to do with them after that, maybe tie some stuff up?

15-08-2015, 21:08
Spam multiple small units for a magical shooting phase.