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Alex Under
06-07-2006, 18:22
Hi all,

Iíve finally started working on a project I always wanted to go for: A unique fantasy army, but nothing never really convinced me...

Iíve had several ideas, like an Ind Chaos army, with a Daemon Prince converted into a Kali like creature, Tiger Men as Beastmen, Daemonettes painted in Hindu colours and mounted Marauders with turbans modelled on them... :wtf: But I discarded that idea; it didnít seem too compact, too many funny different things. Another idea was a Zulu like army, using Wood Elves. Wardancers as tribesmen, dryads painted in South African motifs and stuff like that.:wtf:

In the end, I decided to go for a VC army list with no undead units: Skull Island. Fluff wise itís a magical realm that appears in different places. Some misfortunate sailors have encountered it in the seas of the east, others in the coasts of the southlands, others near Lustria... Compasses go crazy, a dense fog covers everything and once the fog settles, the island appears in front of them...

The island is the Warhammer version of Peter Jacksonís remake of KING KONG, and so the army list represents exactly that. I will put together an army that will fulfil that purpose, but it will not be designed to succeed gaming wise. The only core units will be ghouls. Iíll convert them to represent the tribesmen of the island. Greasy hair, pendants and stuff like that hanging on them. Iíll probably paint around 6 or 8 units of 10. Then, Iíll have a general (using the stats of a Strigoi) and my necromancer will use the mini of the Amazon priestess from the Mordheim range. The fell bats will be converted to represent the "Terapusmordax" from the new movie (the half bat, half pterodactyl creatures near Kongís cave) and now that VC can field giants... Guess who Iíll be introducing to Warhammer! Yes, Mr. Kong, the Gargantuan Gorilla himself. :evilgrin:

To represent the raise zombie or raise skeleton rule, Iíll be purchasing plenty of Milliosaurs from Necromunda, they will be painted and slightly converted to represent the "Carnictis", the killer-worms.

The first mini Iíve bought is the Orc Shaman on boar (will be on foot), the one with both arms upwards, one with a sword and the other with a staff. Itís the first time Iím using GS for something that isn't covering gaps and Iím trying to model a hood over his face so you can only see a nose (modelled with GS as well) and the mouth. I'm waiting at the moment for the GS to harden a bit to model a bit more detail on it. Once painted I hope to get rid of the orkisness on the mini.

Iíll be posting some pics this weekend and since Iíll have my ghouls for around Monday, Iíll take it form there... Kong will be left for last. ;)

And to finish, a little background:

ďEncountered for the first time of the current era by dwarf pirates, Skull Island appeared out of the fog of the warm yet dangerous waters to the southeast of the Dragon Isles, when the pirates were heading to Ind. Due to their curiosity and natural desire of finding unknown treasures, they decided to explore the island...

The only survivors, maimed and fevered, were encountered on their torn and wrecked vessel by an Imperial ship returning from Cathay. Rescued by the humans, the Empireís doctors on board could do nothing for them, but before dying, they spoke about an island surrounded by rocks that resembled screaming faces: A natural faÁade that inspired dismay to the bravest man and peaking this dreaded place was a mountain with no sharp pinnacle, instead it was crowned by a huge cavernous zenith shaped as a giant skull.

The few days they managed to stay alive, in a delirious condition they spoke about the ďIslandersĒ, the ďBlack QueenĒ and what seemed most bizarre: ďTora KongĒ, an unknown word that once pronounced by the dwarfs, sent them into a frenzy of screams and terror. The Imperial ship reached the Empire safe, and reported about the encountered dwarves and their story to the authorities; a file was opened, the sighting registered and the name forgotten amongst paper work and forgotten archives.

But the evil forces that dwelled in this horrid, legendary land would not stay forever forgotten. An Empire merchant ship disappeared on its way to Ulthuan to trade wood. It never reached the elfís realm. Eight months later, a small diplomatic High Elf ship reached the port of Marienburg and informed the authorities that they had found shipwrecked survivors of the merchant ship. They had died a few days later, not even the elfish medicine could save them, but they managed to improve their health for some time, enough to dig up information of what had happened to the commercial expedition... A dense fog had surrounded them, the compasses had gone crazy, spinning from one side to an other, and then, amongst them, throughout the dense fog, an island, with rocks forming tortured faces, and a huge mountain that could be easily seen from any side of the islandís coast, a mountain shaped as a human skull...Ē

06-07-2006, 18:48
Sounds like a good idea, will be watching for progress.

06-07-2006, 19:39
I love the idea and am very excited to see what you come up with! The islanders were my favorite part of the movie, I'd like to see how you interpret them. Do you have any idea how you will convert the Terapusmordax?


06-07-2006, 19:47
Sounding good so far...looking forward to pics!


07-07-2006, 03:14
And your Banshee can be the chick that hangs out with King Kong. Sorry, I coulden't resist. :D

Alex Under
07-07-2006, 08:23
Hey all, thanks for the positive feedback, as I mentioned, I'll be adding updates of WIP this weekend (I hope). Please, don't expecta a Mike McVey standard, all though I am a veteran painter, I am a newbie with GS, so the final result is still uncertain, but I'll do my best.

@AventineCrusader: I'm not too sure about the Terapusmordax yet, I'll work on them after the ghouls (islanders). I'll be using the fell bats as a base, but I'll have to do major changes, mainly on the head. Any ideas anyone?

@Dirt Jumper: lol, certainly she screams like a Banshee! Actually I might get hold of one of the slaves from the Asdrubal Vect mini and use it on Kong's mini... You got me thinking! ;)

As for the rest, hope not to let you down!

Cheers all.

07-07-2006, 12:38
Not really a fan of movie inspired armies, but this one sounds very intriguing. (stroke of genius using those necromunda worms for the raise zombies rule btw)

07-07-2006, 15:34
Some really good ideas you have going there.
Looking forward to seeing them in model form.

07-07-2006, 15:42
Sounds great! I really hope you manage to finish the project, now let's see what you have so far, pics!

07-07-2006, 15:56
Sounds good, I like the theme, except the giant gorilla, I never thought it fit in the movies either..