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Tiberius Frost
19-08-2015, 11:53
This is a campaign that my friend Dave and I have started playing at our local club, based on the old "Dark Shadows" campaign (set in Albion) that GW released around 2001. My army is High Elf Seaguard, and Dave is the Dwarfs.

Saving Prince Ryleth

The Lord of House Ryleth, an ancient noble family of Eataine has passed away leaving four heirs to his title. Each of his sons have proven to be capable warriors and leaders, travelling the world to win glory in battle and defend the family’s interests and assets abroad.

News has reached Ulthuan that an invasion force of Dwarfs has claimed the mystic island of Albion, defeating the Imperial garrison and dismantling the magical wards around the island in order to exploit its deep coal resources to power their industry.

The Phoenix King has decreed that responsibility for defending the island thus falls to the Elves and has dispatched an army to reclaim the ancient land. The noble houses of Ulthuan have pledged support to the King’s call and rallied their bannermen to the cause, the Lothern navy transporting legions of warriors across the Great Ocean to the distant shores of Albion.

The fighting has been bloody, with the Dwarf warriors heavily entrenched along the coastline. Wave after wave of Seaguard troops have stormed the mist-shrouded coastline, the withering fire of Dwarf war machines inflicting brutal casualties on the elven forces. Despite the fierce resistance, the Elf troops have been able to seize a number of key beachheads and begun fortifying their positions for the advance further inland.

News has reached the war office of Lothern that the three elder brothers of house Ryleth have all been killed in battle during the initial assault against the island. Their mother, the Lady Ryleth, was to receive three ravens bearing news of the loss of her sons all on the same day. Lord Moriath, the Phoenix King’s Minister of War, has been informed that the fourth son of house Ryleth was part of the vanguard fighting to advance into Albion, and is currently missing in action. He has sent orders that Prince Ryleth be found, and returned to Ulthuan to take his place as the sole remaining heir of his household.

Scenario 1 - The Longest Day

The first Dark Shadows scenario is a beach landing, where an invading force in a fleet of landing boats has to capture a beachhead from an enemy force defending a battery of war machines.

The boats move 2d6" per turn, so it actually takes about 4-5 turns to get to the beach. Then the scenario plays out as a Warhammer skirmish, so every figure moves individually. We decided to leave dead soldiers where they fell to give an idea of the carnage.

Dave and I actually played this twice, the first time all of my boats ran ashore by turn 3, and only two elves made it to the beach! We decided to give it another go, and the second time came out as a much closer (and more interesting) game.


The Lothern Seaguard row to shore as dawn breaks. The coast is eerily quiet.

Captain Eragon, commander of the landing force, watches the coastline for sign that the Dwarfs have spotted their advancing fleet of landing boats.

The Dwarf defenders prep their guns, ready to stop the invaders at the beach.

The shooting starts! A lucky cannonball sinks Captain Eragon's boat. Fortunately, he and his men survive the barrage, but are left to swim for their lives in the rough surf. Another burst of warmachine fire claims several elf warriors on the right flank.

Under a hail of fire, the Seaguard slowly advance to the shore. One boat runs aground on a sand bank, forcing the pasengers to swim the rest of the distance to the beach. The coxwain is caught in a rip and unable to swim in his armour, disappears beneath the crashing waves. One of the dwarf cannons malfunctions and explodes, taking its crew to the big ale houes in the sky.

The boats reach the shore. Captain Eragon is cut down by a blast of organ gun fire. Advancing steadily, the Seaguard begin firing back at the Dwarfs, felling some of the handgunners defending the pallisade.

Cannon and handgun fire starts cutting down the elves, still trying to gain a foothold on the beach. In return, they rain arrows down on the defenders at the outer wall, cutting down most of the Dwarf thunderers. The only remaining officer, Seaguard champion Yrrieth leads his platoon of troops on the left flank. Good fortune has seen most of his elves arrive on the beach in fighting condition.

Still taking casualties, the elves begin charging into hand-to-hand combat against the last of the Dwarfs guarding the pallisade. A bitter brawl ensues, the Dwarfs' hatred for the elves driving them into a frenzy.

Yrrieth orders the charge and the elves begin storming the remaining cannon, the dwarf crew desperately drawing weapons to fight off the attackers. The organ gun continues to blast away at the advancing Seaguard.

Sheer numbers of elves begin to overwhelm the dwarfs as the elves pile in against the remaining gunners. The last of the cannon crew falls, and the elves begin to surround the organ gun.

Yrrieth and his soldiers close in around the commander of the organ gun. No quarter is given, and in a bloody struggle the last of the dwarfs is finally dispatched.

It has been a costly battle for the elves, with most of their number dead on the battlefield. But with all the dwarf defenders slain, this beach belongs to the forces of Ulthuan.

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19-08-2015, 13:57
This is fantastic! More please!

19-08-2015, 14:37
nice with the boats! The pictures of, especially 8 and 10, sparked my enthusiasm for small sized battles again :)

Tiberius Frost
20-08-2015, 01:06
Thanks guys. Yeah we used the Warhammer skirmish rules, where you roll to see if your figures are knocked down, stunned etc. But we both agreed afterwards that we probably wouldn't bother with that again as it doesn't make much difference to who wins/loses, it just drags out the game unnecessarily because figures won't die, they keep getting back up.

Tiberius Frost
30-08-2015, 14:10
Part two full battle report is here! (http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/660898.page#8091233)

Sneak Preview: