View Full Version : Creative renaming

21-08-2015, 20:55
Today BL is pushing the "new" HH audio e-bundles (http://www.blacklibrary.com/audio/audio-ebundle). Nothing there, really.
But please explain: what is the difference between Garro: The Audio Collection and the previously released bundle Garro: Knight Errant? None I can see (that previous bundle was itself a re-release, except for an audio short). Also: "Garro's whole story"? Huh? There isn't going to be any more Garro, or what.

21-08-2015, 22:55
Just looks like marketing term stuff. Was Knight Errant a download as well, or just a CD set?

22-08-2015, 03:39
Well, just look at how they dropped "Lords of the Space Marines" after Mephiston, Arjac Rockfist and Lemartes, the latter two of which haven't been re-released outside of the limited edition yet, and a whole advent calendar of short stories. Now we have "Space Marine Legends" for Ragnar Blackmane...

Knight Errant, iirc, was the exact same thing just as a CD box set.