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06-07-2006, 20:48
Hey there,

CoD has been out for a while now and I was wondering if anyone has made any stratagems yet. It's all fine and easy to make Imperial Stratagems because of all the spare bits. I'm making an Inquisitor discussing battle with an Imp serge as a command post (I know, stolen that one a bit:rolleyes: ), sort of a star trek-ish warp core as a power generator. but those are all quite easy. I was actually wondering if you guys made any non-imperial Stratagems. those are harder to make (as other armies don't have that many spare bits) and GW hasn't made any efford to give many ideas themselves (especially for Eldar).
also are you prepared to buy miniatures for you stratagem? I prefere to do the improv option as it is more of a challenge, and cheaper. also if I buy (let's say) a grav platform I'm not going to make it into a stratagem, but into a grav platform.:rolleyes:

anyway post your stratagem ideas and maybe even pics.


The Purple Ninja
06-07-2006, 22:17
Heck yes i'll be modeling them!

More or less, the whole reason I joined warseer was to ramble about how cool stratagems and CoD were, but nobody read that post.

Anywho, I'm going 50/50 really. The Stratagem building set was too cool to pass up, and between 6 years of bits and that kit i've got the stuff to represent pretty much every single representable stratagem there is for Imperials.

Eldar have been a bit trickier though, since 99% of what bits you have are weapons. But never to fear, there's lots that can be done with weapons and some clippers.

As for eldar booby traps, thanks to not using the back fins on my guardians, I was able to make the exact one they show on page 67, which is fairly simple to make [it just takes 16 very small exacto knife cuts and 8 dabs of glue], and looks suitably eldar-like and explodey.

A power generator like the one on the same page is simple enough, but I could never justify $90 for support platforms, let alone just for bitz to make a terrain piece. I'm torn on what to do, on the one hand, I could make a totally awesome power generator using the crystal from my old battered Fire Prism, but I also was planning on eBaying that battered fireprism when the new codex comes out, cashing in on the hopes of it being uber and people wanting one, so I can use the money to buy new eldar stuff.

While that idea sits in limbo, the prospect of making it out of other thigns comes up again. Combining the thought of how advanced eldar tech is with the fact Iplan to use it almost exclusively with Rangers, I figured maybe it would be better to make something small and portable, like to fit on a 25mm base instead of a DoW scale one like in the book.

Using cut off parts from leftover brightlances and other weapon's enery packs, you can make something pretty convincing.

As for a medicae facility, I couldn't think of any good way to model one, and and a medical facility doesn't seem very Eldar-like to me. Seeing as how it's unusal effect is Feel No Pain, and thus makes your troops arbsurdly more hard to kill, I thought it would be more apropriately represented by a force field generator of some sorts.

I'm still on the drawing board for that one, again the Fireprism crystal rears it's head, along with parts from old pewter weapon platforms that I wont be needing anymore but once again would rather like to sell, and of course all the boatloads of leftover weapons. In fact, the only worthwhile bit I have that isn't a weapon is the cockpit control screen leftover from a wave searpent. and it screems "control center" to me, though a spare farseer could fit that role just fine.

For an Ammo dump, a smoothe-shaped beam or even just a cord lined with shurikan catapault clips and plasma grenades ought to do the trick. Maybe a bag made from green stuff with some clips and grenades spilling out, though a sack o' ammo would only fit with Rangers, and they don't exactly need to re-roll their shots that much.

Finally, using the 24 left over shuriken catapaults from my Storm Guardians, I plan to make barricades. With a little bit of slicing the catapault barrels and placing them on 6" strips, they could look like defense field projectors.

There's my 2/100's of chosen currency.