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07-07-2006, 06:01
Here is my WIP state army from Stirland. As such, it only contains state troops, no militia or knights, etc.

387 Elector Count on Griffon--Full Plate, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Power, Holy Relic. (Alternatively swap the Enchanted Shield and Sword of Power for the Sword of Fate)
--I use him very cautiously, and usually stick close enough to my own lines to provide my leadership. He has worked well for me.
125 Captain, the Battle Standard Bearer--Armor of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Might
--Joins the Greatswords to provide a rock solid center to my battle line.
145 Battle Wizard, Lore of Metal--2 Dispel Scrolls (Alternatively I give him the Rod of Power for versatility.)
--The Lore of Metal has always worked well for me. I have tried other Lores but I always come back.
165 Spearmen (20) Full Command
60 Halberdier Detachment (10)
80 Handgunner Detachment (10)
165 Spearmen (20) Full Command
60 Halberdier Detachment (10)
80 Handgunner Detachment (10)
--I typically deploy these surrounding a hill, with the handgunners on the hill and the Spearmen on the side. Halberdiers go where theres room.
190 Swordsmen (20) Full Command, War Banner
--My "wildcard" infantry. They go wherever I deem necessary--flexiblity.
238 Greatswords (14) Full command, Banner of Valour
--I have found they are quite vulnerable to panic, so I give them the banner to make sure they dont run off. (Combined with the BSB their only real threat is fear.)
95 Pistoliers (5)
--Able to take the attack to the enemy or counter charge, just a cheap flexible unit.
100 Great Cannon
--Always a solid performer for me.
100 Great Cannon
--I was thinking about a mortar, but it never seems to do anything. The second cannon is more welcome.

I have thought about using a Helblaster, but the range and volatility turn me away.

I was also thinking about making the swordsmen the detachments, and having a unit of Halberdiers. It strikes me as less effective but more in line with the story.

Any comments or criticism?

07-07-2006, 08:09
If you are using the EC to strengthen/support your line I think putting him on a Griffon is a waste. He will be a major target for shooters/poisoned blowpipes etc.

However if you use him as a mobile flank charger then OK.

Think you may find the detachments are a bit large. Surely you can never guarantee a hill!!!

Keep halberdiers as detachments and your main unit as Swordsmen.

No Griffon Banner ?

07-07-2006, 11:49
Things I don't like:
-EC on Griffon=300-400 points lost by turn two + no LD for rank and file. Speding 400 points on a LD piece is a waste when I do it for 120ish.
-Small units + big detachments. Usually ends up screwing yourself over
-Two cannons, no helblaster
-One pistollier unit with no knights. Fine if you want no knights, but if so, need more pistolliers to compensate for lost mobility and hitting power.

07-07-2006, 15:16
I do not like the EC on the griffon, It is cool to fly and all that stuff but EC are not the best and can quickly be lost in a turn or 2. Additionally I have found large core units work best, I like 25 man strong swordsmen and then spear with detachments at 8.

07-07-2006, 20:46
Thanks for all the replies!

I knew most everyone wouldn't approve of my Elector Count, but I still like him. He has served me very well, and I'm quite fond of the model.

I lost track of how many times detachments of 10 has saved me from panic tests (losing 2 men). Keeping Seventh Edition in mind, I will leave them alone.

As for offense, the knights have never done well for me, I always wish I had taken more infantry. I like the predictibility of static CR.

I would like to do core units of 25 men, but what should I drop? (I'm not dropping the Griffon.) Perhaps the second cannon? Would that really be worth it?

08-07-2006, 06:16
change the halberdiers to two detatchments for your greatsowrds, change the swordsmen to detatchments for your spearmen
use the little pts freed to up your parent units 25