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22-09-2015, 20:21
Hi everybody, As you maybe know, some fans have made alternate heresy timeline, being the most know and well made Dorn heresy.

So I here bring another alternate heresy, courtesy of elves-hating,Guard fanboy of /tg/ but they go beyond of moving few primach and actually made their own legions, using some key moment here and there(like Istavan) its pretty much "make your own heresy"

so here it is: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Legiones_Astartes_(Hektor_Heresy)

While you have some obvious parallel like the voidwatcher(evil magnus) or Brennus(a irish version of Russ) some of them use very cool concept(like golghota having death-related theme and mofit around him) so here is

23-09-2015, 12:40
I always reckoned that if it is true that the Ultramarines absorbed part of one or both of the missing legions that those legions were the source of deathcult associated marines. Like the Doom Eagles who believe they're all already dead. I think there's a couple others.

Also, based on your title I thought this was a heresy caused by a drunken tiff between the brothers.