View Full Version : Pyramid wounds army comp (The delerious ravings of a plague-ridden gamer).

23-09-2015, 23:31
I currently have a cold, and when wimps like me get colds we start to see and think crazy things. Anyway, the flamingo that lives on the ceiling and I were talking, and thought about army balance.

Roughly 3.2 minutes of thought have gone into this, but here we go:

Each army gets a base wound number that represents thr lowest wounds on that armies' most basic troop type. For most armies this is 1, but for others like Stormcast where 1 wound models don't exist, this could be 2 or higher.

You agree a wound total with your opponent per side.

Your army now has to be built as follows. At least 40% of your armies models must be made up of models from the bottom tier wounds. So for example, in a 100 wound game using warriors of chaos, at least 40 wounds worth of models have to be models with 1 wound on their profile e.g marauders. You can have more than this, but this is the minimum.

Next, up to 60% of your wounds may have up to (base tier wounds + 1) wounds on their profile. So for example WoC could have up to 30 models with 2 wounds each.

Next, up to 30% of your wounds may have up to (base tier + 2) wounds on their profile. So WoC could have up to 7 chaos trolls in a 100 wound army.

And finally, up to 20% of your wounds can be anything you like. This would typically cover characters, as well as the "big" stuff.

The idea behind this isn't to make your army necessarily balanced vs your enemy, but rather give the army enough internal balance such that it is truly an "army" rather than a group of war sphinxes or whatever.

Obvious weakness which it shares with other wound comps are things like basic infanty equal elite infantry, etc...