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26-09-2015, 20:42
Deamon Prince
Nurgle, Daemonic Flight, Sword of Might, Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder, Flaming Breath, Chaos Armour, Level 4 Wizard, Charmed Shield.

Chaos Lord
Helm of Many Eyes, Mark of Nurgle, Ogre Blade, Talisman of Endurance, Shield, Chaos Dragon.

Daemon Prince
Deamonic Flight, Sword of Swift Slaying, Khorne,

Throgg (Noxious Breath)

20 x Trolls (Throgg here)

5 x Warhounds

5 x Warhounds

Regen, Flaming Breath

Regen, Flaming Breath

Total: 3000pts

This is my monster mash army. It has 5 Breath Weapon attacks (6 if you count the two heads from the Chaos Dragon). I'm going to have all five flying creatures work together on destroying units. Throgg and the boys can come in behind on mop up duty. Its fast and has a strong Horde unit to come later. Going to take Lore of Death on my one Deamon Prince and try and cast Purple Sun. Again this is for an Ard Boyz tournament so its suppose to be nasty.

27-09-2015, 05:30
You probably want to use the Chaos Dragon, but something to consider.

Right now, you only have 6 deployments. You are going to be massively out deployed every time. Somewhat mitigated because your things can fly, but it will pretty much necessiate that your troll unit go in the center every game as you won't know where your opponent is really deploying before you have to put them down.

So here's a possible thought.

Drop Chaos Lord on Dragon. Add the following:

Unkillable Tzeentch BSB (1+/3++ reroll 1's on Daemonic Mount so T5 W3)
Another Chimera (so you aren't actually losing a flying monster)
4 x 5 hounds

That gives you 5 extra drops, you get a BSB (make sure that the trolls remain compliant), Keep the same amount of monsters/breath weapons (well, 1 less I guess because dragon has two heads), but also get the BSB who can take a lot of things on by himself (Does some damage, +1 to combat res from BSB, doesn't take any damage, means he can take on things that don't have a ton of combat res of their own).

27-09-2015, 08:04

Ha Ha Ha, I've ran that unkillable Tzeentch combo before at our last Ard Boyz event about a year ago. My friends have never let me live it down since. I won the whole tournament easily. I just can't bring myself to do it to them again. I know, its an Ard Boyz tournament but I won't do it to them again. Trust me brother I want to so badly as he fits this theme build so nicely.

Thanks for the reply though. You don't get a lot of Fantasy 8th replies now days.