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30-09-2015, 18:16
hey guys

So the other day I was wondering... Exorcists have a daemon possess them and it is then cast out. But could you have some mentally strong space marines possessed long enough to allow mutations to take place before successfully casting out the daemon?

Or do mutations work differently (as a direct gift of a god)? Or would the space marine be too far gone to get him back?

Jack of Blades
30-09-2015, 21:36
Mutations are basically an expression of Chaos's taint on the soul or contamination of realspace. The Exorcists have no desire to be mutated, their souls are untainted and they purposely overpower the corruption of the daemon so that they are not contaminated. If it ever happened that an Exorcist "failed" such a test and suffered mutation, I would imagine that he would either be killed, penalised or in cases of leniency the mutation would be destroyed and replaced with an artificial limb.

01-10-2015, 00:16
Mutations can also be genetic. The Black Dragons have unusual bone froths that give them added durability and built in blades.

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01-10-2015, 05:41
Well I am not specifically talking about Exorcists, I was just using them as an example of a chapter having their guys possessed by daemons.

Say you are possessed and tainted and started mutations - say an arm changed into a claw. If you cast out the daemon with any means possible and succeed...does the mutation go away?
If so - how far can you play this game? Can there be a loyal daemon prince? Maybe something went just like Tzeentch planned...

I realize that there are genetic mutations but I am really just talking about the ones induced by chaos.

01-10-2015, 07:03
There are several types of mutation in 40k verse:

Caused by radiation
Caused by demonic possession
Caused by 'gifts' from the chaos gods.
Genetic defects (born as mutants)

Mutants in general are seen as lower class citizens, if treated as human at all, by the Imperium. I would imagine the only reason many Space Marine Legions get away with having genetic faults that cause mutation is because they can travel the galaxy faster than they can be caught and subjected to scrutiny by members of the Inquisition.

In the Soul Drinkers series, an Imperial Fists successor chapter begin to exhibit mutations on a large scale and decide to use them to aid the Imperium. The rest of the series is them running from retribution from pretty much every single being, especially the Imperial Fists, who are determined to wipe what they see as scourge from their Chapters' history.

There was a chapter approved article back in the day that listed a few different Chapters who had developed mutations and survived, but only by using trickery and subterfuge. None were caused by possession.

So the truth is, we don't have enough information to say yes or no. My conjecture is that mutations would hang around as the demon in the body is physically reshaping their flesh to better suit their desire. Even if you banish them - the body won't revert to normal without some serious surgery/flesh sculpting.

But at some point you get enough gifts you that become a creature of the warp and as such, there is no going back. Loyalist Demons Princes are an impossibility - it isn't a case of letting yourself get possessed and waiting it out - to ascend to that level you have to commit some horrible acts. Once you achieve it you may think you are doing it for the right reasons, but your moral compass would be non existent - daemon princes no longer think in the same way mortals do. Their mind/bodies are now not bound to anything unless they desire it.

01-10-2015, 10:38
"Know the mutant. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean"

Best case scenario the marine in question becomes a black shield in the deathwatch and seeks to die in battle, or otherwise exiles himself or throws himself into impossible odds. Otherwise he might be killed or imprisoned by his own chapter, kill himself, or worst case his existence might bring elements of the imperium down on both himself and his chapter - a visit from the Minotaurs, a hereticus strike force, elements of the parent chapter, etc.

There was a chapter approved article back in the day that listed a few different Chapters who had developed mutations and survived, but only by using trickery and subterfuge. None were caused by possession.That would probably be the cursed founding. The Black Dragons (bone mutations in some members) are borderline but do organise their mutants into kamikazi assault squads separate from the rest of the chapter, the Flame Falcons (self immolation) were just arbitrarily exterminated, while the chapters with the less pronounced mutations were just watched - but that they were notably mutated at all called a halt to the genetic tampering that created them.

Mutation within the astartes does get a lot of leeway though, and the Imperium is generally more accepting of mutation caused by failed or unstable genetic modifications. While the Imperial Creed is generally against deviation from the purity of the human form (including cybernetics in more radical elements) genetic research is one of those areas that is not actually prohibited by the mechanicus laws against invention (in a rare case of opposites the administratum actually restrict the mechanicus in their research).