View Full Version : 60 wound vampire counts army help

30-09-2015, 22:39
Looking for some help creating a decent 60 wound vampire count army that is competitive and well rounded as I will be facing different army's in our store tournament, I would really appreciate the help and advice.

01-10-2015, 09:12
A unit of 20+ Zombies might be the way to go with that size. With their ability to combine units its very easy to replenish via summoning.

Off the top of my head I would do

20 Zombies
10 Ghouls
10 Hex Wraiths

Not sure what to do with the remainder wounds though. Maybe more zombies or reduce the hexwraiths and go with something like a varghulf

01-10-2015, 13:50
Zombies/ghouls/skeletons couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.I go with Grave Guard as your infantry maybe something like:

17 Grave Guard
5 Hexwraiths
5 Blood Knights
2 Vamp Lords

18-10-2015, 13:23
Maybe you can try a ghouls theme army... with a ghoul king you can create a very nice synergy with the crypt ghouls and the horrors, and you can put same knights for mobility or/and a terrorgheist

09-12-2015, 15:04
I can't feel bad about necromancy when posting in a vamp-counts thread, especially on a board that (understandably) moves as slow as this one does lately, so....

How did the event go? what did you run? How did the event handle summoning, and other rules that bring new units onto the field? Did they count towards that 60 wound limit? If not, that's something you might recommend to them in future events.

At 60 wounds, I'd be tempted to pick a particular subtheme based on one of our three main infantry types - zombies, ghouls, or skeletons - and build around that.

30-odd zombies, a vampire, a necromancer, a corpse cart, and maybe another corpse cart, or a couple banshees, or maybe cut some of the zombies to try to fit a terrorgheist. vamp's command ability and and corpse cart all buff the zombies, making them quite intimidating.

or krell, a necro, a wight king BSB, a smallish unit of shielded grave guard, and a largish unit of spearletons the line of wights screens the skeletons, so enemies charging them come into combat range of the more attacks, more fragile skittles, but can only attack the tougher wights unless they have reach. krell's command ability and the necro's spell stack to buff either infantry unit into something to fear in melee, and the BSB ups the durability of the entire formation.

or a ghoul king, a necro, either a ghoul king on terrorgheist or some crypt horrors, and as many ghouls as you can fit into the points that are left. Make the ghoul king on foot your commander, and use his command ability to buff the one riding the terrorgheist.

In general, the undead faction rules in AoS are pretty cool. Most units do something neat and well reflect their fluff on the table, so you can pretty much take the units you like and do ok. But our internal synergy boosts really encourage sticking to a particular sub-theme, especially in smaller games.