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The Black Knight
07-07-2006, 19:16
Hey all

I would like to know if this is a good balanced army list. All advice would be appreciated

Von Carstein Lord 441 points
Great Weapon
Crown of the Damned
Staff of Damnation
Aura of Dark Majesty
Level 3 Necromancer

Wight Lord 91
Heavy Armour
Sword of Kings

Necromancer 150
level 2

19 skeletons 172
standard bearer

8 ghouls 74

8 ghouls 74

14 grave guard 285
halberds and shields
full command
banner of barrows

8 black knights 265
full command
banner of dead legion

banshee 90

spirit hostx3* 195

necromancer 125
level 2
bookof arkhan
Total cost: 1962

The Vampire Lord and the wight lord join the grave guard and the necromancers join the skellies
*may swap spirit hosts for another unit of 19 skeletons