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03-10-2015, 17:45
I am looking for a little guidance in creating an Imp. Knights army. Ultimately, I would like to be able to field one of each. I would also like to magnetize the weapons to be able to make them multi-use models.

1) Which kit is best to get for making knights? When I look at what is available, there are a few different model kits for sale.
2) How different are the weapon options in each kit?
3) Any tips for putting them together?
4) Any painting tips?


03-10-2015, 19:05
Yo! I am an imperial knight obsessed SOAB. Currently sitting at 6! The best kit by and far is the newest from GW: http://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Knight-Warden

The warden/crusader kit allows you to make 5 different knights. The errant, paladin, gallant, warden and crusader. It comes with a LOT of guns!

The battle cannon: your go to anti infantry slayer. Also good for pinging against open topped lower armor targets as this gun comes with two shots and ordnance. Comes on the Paladin.
The thermal (melta!) cannon. Decent for stripping hull points from high armor targets while you charge in. Comes on the Errant
The avenger gatling cannon. High volume, decent range ap and Rending capabilities. This gun is a dream on a knight being used as your warlord for better ballistic skill. Comes standard on Warden and Crusader.

The THREE carapace mounted options:
Ironstrom Missile Pod: Large blast with barrage can help deal with hordes. If you are in for an ork or nid fight its an ok option.
Stormspear rocket pod: three extra str8 ap3 shots? Nice but pricey.
Twin Icarus autocannon: Fully 100% meh gun. Low volume of fire? Even with interceptor and skyfire there odds are low your opponent will jink these shots.

Close combat you get one Reaper chainsword and one thunderstrike gauntlet. The sword is a knights bread and butter in CC along with his stomps. While the gauntlet is awesome looking thematically... it puts his int at 1 when utilizing it. Why I will never understand. It did not even get a better AP value for the bother, just the ability to throw and do next to no damage things you kill in CC that are monsters or tanks (no superheavy/gargants). I recommend not putting this on anything unless you are going with the Gallant except for the rule of cool.

That kit also includes to hull mounted options: melta gun for close range vehicle popping, and a heavy stubber for being able to charge what you ping with it!

How to build Knight army: Magnets mate.

It is a very simple matter to magnetize the arm weapons. The instructions are a snap. you will need to scrap a few molding lines on the legs but damn is it an awesome model with tons of options.

There are many sizes out there for magnets this is the size I use: http://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D61-N52&cat=168

There are a bunch of vids on youtube about how to paint including GW's very own version which produces a very awesome and dynamic knight. Adding in some airbrushing shading would even further enhance the lighting dynamic across the knight.

Posing: Knights legs have ONE pose. A very unfortunate thing is the legs all look static unless you go through the trouble of cutting and refitting multiple pieces. So you mostly have the upper body and arms and head pose to work with.

Modeling wise it might be advantageous to have the knight pose in a way that his upper body is in line with the more acute side of the oval base. This allows you to deploy and navigate terrain better while keeping your front facing towards the enemy. Again magnets can be your friend here as they can go on the midsection allowing easy transport and posing on the fly.

Ok now you have a knight that can be Any of the standard 5 questoris knights (I call these the shorties because next to cerastus patterns they look TINY). Which knight do you field first?
Answer: close draw between warden, paladin and crusader. The crusader out costs but out DAKKAs the other two. He can engage up to 4 targets if given a carapace mounted weapon a shooting phase.
The warden is better at popping fast moving light tanks and threatening single wound terminators than the paladin, but is a mid range knight. The standard paladin is still golden for a single warlord. Decent points and HUGE range harass with two long range shots.

"BUT I WANT A KNIGHT ARMY!" Ok ok ok fine. A knight army.

The standard codex has all you need including some filthy formations. The first is standard household detachment. 3 knights with two further optional. Each knight gets objective secured you can re-roll your warlord and your lead Knight gets a single boost to WS and BS.

Oath-sworn Detatchment. No benefits. Just take up to three knights. Can't be primary. If you are fielding 3 or more knights you will NEVER have this. The household gives you free stuff, and there are 3 man formations that give you free stuff. Why take this with 3 knights ever unless you hate knights.

Other options: Got 5 knights of ANY flavor? Yup forgeworld knights too bro! No restrictions. Each knight can take one of the heirlooms The high king gets +2BS and WS and a boost to ANY invul save made for ion shield (THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT). If you are going court ALWAYS buy the heirloom Sanctuary for your warlord. It is an ion shield that confers a 6+ invul to each facing not covered by the primary sheild. Making your warlord a 3++ on chosen facing and 5++ on all other sides. This formation confers Character to ALL 5 KNIGHTS and increases all not warlord knights BS and WS by one. Challenge that powerfist boy in the squad to a duel or watch him flounder under a reaper chainsword or abstain with nothing to do but die to stomp attacks. (never forget if your opponent kills your knight at the INT1 step you GET YOUR STOMPS before exploding all over his face.

Baronial court formation: My bread and butter. Remember that old 3 knights within 3" get a 3+ invul on that ion shield? It's back with increased range 6" but ONLY gives you that boost to the front arc. Against very speedy opponents with melta access this is a bummer as they will seek to pincer your knights on the sides and front to force you to choose. Your knights get counterattack and can fire overwatch (wardens and crusaders will be the only ones that really benefit here because they carry the AGC that is a bunch of shots and not a blast).

There are other options like do you love CC? Do you want three of the cheapest variant knights the gallants? How about 3 of them with Rage and fleet for charging? Yup that is a thing. Run these guys full tilt to the enemy and let them beat on them.

I could go on but you probably have the idea as far as the GW book goes.

OTHER Knights.
All hail the resin gods of model making forgeworld. Do you want to further expand your knight list? Well you have the options.

Problems knights have: Vast fast moving hordes and large bodies of outflanking or deepstriking things. Solution: The Ceratus pattern Castigator. Tons of twinlinked dakka (though the avenger gatling cannon is arguably better). This is the only knight with a CC weapon that is not str D. The tempest blade. Man this sword has lopped off more ork heads than you can shake a massive deflagnate blade at. You can either swing with your basic attacks (super awesome versus tanks with the SUNDER special rule to reroll armor pen). Or utilize an amazingly fluffy sweep called Tempest Attack. You AUTO HIT *(LOL INVISIBLE DRAIGO STAR)* every model in base to base at INT2. Str10 ap2. Not sufficent though for every wound you cause with this sword it deals and ADDITIONAL wound at the same profile. You have 10 boys in base to base? That is up to 20 wounds delt. All before that powerclaw gets to swing.

Tell me, do you like to kill things with fire? Because I have the knight for you mate. The ceratus knight Acheron. Lean mean and best painted green, this salamander fan boy wields the only gun out of all knights that can be found on a true titan (warhound): The Flame Cannon. Hellstorm template of marine roasting goodness. That gun is straight slaughter. His CC weapon comes with an inbuilt twinlinked heavy bolter too! So feel free to ping a nearby vehicle with it burn some guys hiding in ruble charge the tank for a almost guaranteed kill. Seriously though this is the best night out there against Vehicles that don't swing back. With 5 attacks on the charge with machine destroyer (re-roll D hits of 1) This knight is nearly garunteed to pop anything short of a reaper titan. Against other knights they will likely kill each other but the knight acheron holds top dog versus anything with an armor value.

Need to battle it out against Super heavies and gargantuan creatures? Bring the slayer of everything large and in charge, the Knight Lancer. The 3rd and currently final Cerastus pattern, The lancer is odd in that it has a weird ion shield and it's lone gun is rather short range. But damn when it hits, it hits like the star destroyer against a defenseless planet.
The lancer has a bag of tricks. Like all ceratus pattern it runs 3d6. FAST. This guy wants to be in CC. He is the only knight holding an INVUL save in CC. It has a drawback though, he can only shield his front facing with his gauntlet. Solution: Make him your warlord and give him sanctuary in the baron court. BOOM you have an ion shield you can place anywhere and 5++ everywhere else. This knight is a bag of tricks but can be his own worse enemy. His lance has one of the few AP2 guns that knights tote, and at only 18" you have to decide to either shoot yourself out of charge range will be worth it to get off 6 shots of STR7 AP2 with FREAKING CONCUSSIVE. This is an amazing gun to shoot at gargantuan or monstrous creatures. Forcing them down to INT1 before finishing them off is a huge plus. But this gun slaughters basic termies pretty well and can put you out of charge range unless you are super close. Best used as an anti deepstrike prior to assault be as close as you can before shooting because you can easily wipe a squad if you are the warlord of a baron court hitting on 2+. This knight has two further boons to it: When assaulting, the shock lance boosts the initiative value of the knight by one! Meaning you go before ANY other knight in the game. The Ion shield gauntlet is also a bag of tricks in CC. All superheavy or gargantuan creatures get the -1 to hit rule. Meaning they will ALWAYS hit on 4+ or worse. This is huge because any retaliation is essentially cut by an additional 1/6. Only half of an enemies CC will go through if you are fighting big boys. The lancer is the premier knight and super heavy slayer. Feel free to introduce the tip of the spear to pretty much any opponent. It will shred a freaking knight Phantom in very short order.

There are a couple other knights from forgeworld but really only the Styrix is worth mentioning. It has a very cool str8 ap3 gun with the deflagnate special rule so any wounds dealt turn into additional hits, it has decent volume and great range. This is OK. Not amazing. Worth noting is that he holds a special shield. If your opponent is blast heavy, prepare to giggle. All shooting attacks that hit this guys ion shield are reduced by -1 strength, blasts and templates are at -2 (note no application to D or haywire). His standard D weapon is meh, there are so few fortification out there to make wrecker really matter.

That is all for now! Enjoy your Knightly Forces!

03-10-2015, 21:51
Damn dude!! Thanks for all the info, this really helps!

I think I am going to start with 3 of the Warden Kits and work my way up. After reading this, I am thinking that a Lancer may be needed as well. Do you post results from any of your games?

03-10-2015, 22:29
I actually haven't!

Lets see recommendations from my battle: If you ARE running a knight list give your opponents some heads up if you want to keep friends, if you are going competitively I follow this one rule: One is a target, two is a tactic, three is a strategy. One night in your back field like the crusader is certainly a force multiplier, but a knight that wants to go charging into combat will likely get dropped while the opponent is at full strength. There are not any armies out there that don't have the tool box to deal with a knight, but 2 or three can be cause for nightmare fuel.

What you always have to remember with knights is that they take up a significant portion of your points. In an 1850 game, you can be out 1200 points REALLY fast with knights. That means if you want to grab objectives and score hold the line and such you need dirt cheap bodies to do so, OR bodies that fulfill multiple rolls like objectives and popping armor. Here is where strategy with three knights comes in: Either drop pod cheap tac marines for objectives, or do something balls hot: Legion of the damned.

Your Knights will need help popping transports to get at the juicy insides with shooting and assault and they don't do medium to high armor well at range. So you need something that does, and legion of the damned in small units deepstriking in with multiple melta shots is the hot goodness that knights really lack.

Here are some examples of functional army lists: http://www.thediceabide.com/2015/05/imperial-knights-7e-making-a-knight-primary-army/

Knights of the damned list is awesome. Though you are super boned versus fliers. That blog has some other great lists and tactics in it for you to check out!

04-10-2015, 00:53
Lancers can shield their sides as well, it is just the rear that are unprotected.

As for the kits, the first one released/cheaper one builds the Errant and Paladin with hull mounted stubber and reaper chainsword.

The newer kit have the same content as the first, but adds another sprue with the Gauntlet, gatling bolter, some more faceplates/shields, Adeptus Mechanicus badges, the meltagun replacement for the stubber and the 3 carapace weapons.
Basically, since the price increase is so small, there is little incentive to not buy the newer kit. You could probably even sell the parts you don't want.

You can basically build all weapon options and magnetize them with ease with the sole exception being the Thermal/battle cannon, which uses the same gun carriage. Not that big of a deal if you intends to have 3 Knights, as at least 1 will probably be a Warden. Would still have 3 carriages for any mixture of thermal/battle cannons. I would favour building 2 battle cannons and 1 thermal.

Gauntlet have one nice trick up its sleeve: As it always strikes at I1, you always gets to stomp, which can be huge as you are not restricted to stomping the ones you are in melee with. Meaning you can go over and flip over a land raider or something like that.
It is an option to consider if your opponents employ MSU tactics or are weak in general in melee against Knights.

08-10-2015, 19:00
If it's of any help, last year GW did a series of video tutorials on their youtube channel on how to build and paint a knight. Might be handy as a guide to which sections to build the thing in for easy painting access (for the plastic knights at least).

It's in four parts:

08-10-2015, 20:01
The best advice I can give for painting, especially for knight s, is to buy chaos black spray and spray the sprues before you start to construct it. Saves loads of time.