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05-10-2015, 13:41
Do I understand right that Aspect Warriors have their own color scheme, independent of Craftworld color scheme? What about transports they use then? Do they have their own transports in their own color scheme, or are they being granted use of Craftworld transports in Craftworld's color scheme?

05-10-2015, 15:03
Aspects have their own "traditional" colour schemes but often incorporate elements of their Craftworld colours as well. I have seen one army with the aspect warriors painted in Biel Tan colours with only the helmets using aspect colours.

Vehicles would probably be in the craftworld colour scheme as they are crewed by regular guardians, not actually by Aspect Warriors. Having said that, there is no reason why you could not paint up dedicated transports in shrine colours if you wish.

When in doubt, always remember the First Rule of Painting.

"It's my model and I'll paint it how I like!" :D

05-10-2015, 15:18
When in doubt, always remember the First Rule of Painting.

"It's my model and I'll paint it how I like!" :D

Sigged for the truth of it.

05-10-2015, 17:58
The way I like them is to adhere to fluff, but while I know marines well and had no problem determining what symbols and colors to use, I'm not well versed in the Eldar, which I plan to be my next army. Time to study the books.

05-10-2015, 18:30
The established way is to paint aspect warriors in their shrine colour, with some details that tie them to their craftworld. That can be uniform spirit stones colours over your force, painting the fabric on the model to match, a repetition of the craftworld's rune, etc. Note that there are many aspect shrines and they each have variations on their color scheme. Not all striking scorpions are bright green, etc. So it is possible to tweak your aspects' colours to make a more uniform army.

Similarly, wave serpents and falcons are crewed by guardians and belong to the craftworld. But it is not unlikely to have guardians paint the aspect's rune of the aspects they ferry around on their craft, or even use of some of the aspects' colours for details.

With this kind of leeway, it is easy to make a force that is well tied visually, just like it makes total sense to go the usual GW way of very rainbow eldars.

On the more practical side, the advantage of keeping your transports in craftworld colours is that you can easily reassign them to other squads as you change your army (list). And even within craftworld colours, it is possible to have variations (ex.: mostly white with green or mostly green with white, for Biel-tan). If you pick/design an aspect shrine to get the colour scheme to fit well with the craftworld's colours, that can be enough to create a visually cohesive army should you want to.

Lord Damocles
05-10-2015, 19:18
The Epic Swordwind supplement featured Biel-Tan Dire Avengers in green, and the studio Aliatoc army in Codex: Craftworld Eldar had Howling Banshees in blue/bone; which would appear to suggest Shrines can adopt Craftworld colours.

The Biel-Tan Dark Reapers in Dawn of War: Ascension have black Wave Serpents.

06-10-2015, 07:52
Thanks for the feedback. It seems there is no canon here, if GW themselves are undecided. Personally, I lean towards "Aspect with some Craftworld-related details" scheme for Aspect Warriors, and pure Craftworld scheme for their transports.

Khaines Wrath
06-10-2015, 11:40
Yeah it seems pretty open to interpretation. If the Eavy metal examples are anything to go by Aspect Warriors are many colour ranges, some representing their Temple and others representing their Craftworld.

Karhedron is the most accurate though in that you can really pain them however you want.

06-10-2015, 12:44
The current 7th edition Craftworld Eldar book has an an excellent color section with little notes elaborating on some of the different variations/nuances you might find among aspect warriors.

And yes, as others have said there is the "traditional scheme" of aspect warriors, but there is a LOT of variation that is officially recognized.

Col. Tartleton
06-10-2015, 13:51
I would say the transports should match the unit. So if you're going for full shrine colors then the vehicles should be too. If your aspects are primarily in craftworld colors than it would make sense to use those colors on their transports.

06-10-2015, 15:52
Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I'll go for a more unified army look. All vehicles will be in the same scheme, with just perhaps Shrine rune, but very delicate, like some sort of temporary assignment marker. I have a totally unified Salamanders army, so this time I look for more colors, but perhaps I'm not ready for a full "rainbow" army. Infantry will differ, vehicles less so.

Snake Tortoise
06-10-2015, 16:41
This is one of the things that puts me off eldar. I like the idea of aspect coloured helmets and craftworld colours for the rest of the armour though.

06-10-2015, 19:27
I dont like how the Eldar dosent have distintc bling around, when you see Imperial fist,Salamander of bloog angel you dont have to only look the color but thing cover their armor like crosses,salamander skin,etc with Eldar is the same suit with diferent color

07-10-2015, 05:57
If anyone has some pictures to share and prove his/her point, feel free to post them.

08-10-2015, 18:22
Aspect Shrines have their own color schemes determined by the Exarch, which most often reflect that of the Aspect's Phoenix Lord to varying degrees. How much the Shrine's colors adhere to the Aspect's traditional color can be a reflection of the orthodoxy of the Exarch, or mere personal aesthetics. Aspect Shrines do not have their own dedicated transportation, and thus rely upon the Craftworld's armories. Their Wave Serpents would be crewed by guardians and colored in the scheme of their Craftworld. Whether or not that scheme incoporates elements of the Shrine's colors or iconography is another matter entirely, dependent specifically upon the Craftworld or Warhost. Some Craftworlds are known for their uniformity, some are known for having greater variation.

In short, both Aspect squads and Wave Serpents will each have a traditional color scheme to work off of. How much you depart from that is up to you, and entirely within the bounds of the lore. The only thing I cannot recommend as a lore-focused Eldar player is painting your aspect squads to match the colors of the rest of your force. They should be unique elements in the force, IMO.

If you're looking for examples, the current Craftworlds codex has a decent index of examples of traditional and more unorthodox examples of aspect and warhost color schemes.

09-10-2015, 16:01
Thanks for such detailed answer. Good to know that it will be lore-compatible to paint dedicated transports for Aspect Warriors in Craftworld's colors. I never intended to have A. W. fully in C. colors. But I believe some slight unification is in order.

I have ebook edition of the 7th edition codex and enchanced edition of the 6th edition codex. I find the photo section of the ebook edition codex pretty small and uninformative.

Currently my favorites are Ulthwe (I might need to stand side by side with Dark Eldar, and the colors would fit) and Yme Loc. I don't like the bright colored ones, except Saim Hann vehicles.

Oh the choices...

10-10-2015, 05:33
Yes, the photo section is somewhat minimalist but there's a rather large illustrated section devoted to color schemes for craftworlds and shrines.

23-10-2015, 09:33
I've been playing Eldar since the early Epic days and 2nd edition. They're my favorite army and I've collected four of them (2 for 40K 2 for Epic). You can of course paint them however you want. My advice, paint them according to their proper shrine colors and get creative by incorporating a small splash of color here and there from the craftworld, for example a Banshee's loincloth. ANYTHING else consider to be pure craftworld colors.

23-10-2015, 13:42
Coming back to this topic, I have been having a similar dilema after receiving a Crimson Hunter for my birthday (thanks Mrs Karhedron ;)).

All my vehicles have been painted in Craftworld colours but Crimson Hunters are regarded as part of the Aspect Warrior's wargear and are depicted as being painted in shrine colours. This does not stand out too much as the current studio army is Saim Hann and they match quite well.

In the end, I decided to paint the Hunter in my standard craftworld colours just because I like it better that way. I have also magnetized the weapons so I can always run it as a Hemlock from time to time if I wish. :)


23-10-2015, 18:04
Well, it's not the end of the world.

20-11-2015, 17:01
Aspect Warriors are colored according to their shrine, which you can think of as a denomination of their type. Different shrines for the same aspect usually have similar color schemes, but they can vary enough to let you do whatever you want.

It isn’t explicitly stated, but it seems likely that the same shrine can exist on multiple craftworlds. For example, Biel Tan and Iyanden could both have a Dire Avengers Shrine of the Silvered Blade, with the same colors. (The Exarch would have some leeway to add a few craftworld-specific touches.) Another Dire Avengers shrine on the same craftworld could use a darker shade of blue, or a greener hue, and the helmets and crests can be anything.