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13-10-2015, 01:26
Oh Mordor!

Played my mate's Mordor list the other day which was approx:

Shagrat, Moranon Orcs (Inc banner)
Gorbag with normal orcs and 2 Black Numorians
Wraith with normal orcs and 2 black numorians and a Troll drummer
Orc captain on Warg, 2 Black Knights, 8 Warg Riders

I had Erebor:

Thorin, Balin, Dwalin

24 Grim Hammers
12 Dwarf Warriors, shields, 5 spears, banner, horn blower

And to be honest he was MUNCHING me! I was taking heavy casualties as being wounded on 5's is painful - he was, for the most part, out numbering me in fights BUT that's not to say that it was all going his way!

I did manage to hold my own and even though my forces were on the point of being over-run we both broke in the same turn (I focused on weaker models), his army just melted with the morale checks.

It made me stop and think...

In all bat-reps or podcasts folks always seem to moan that Shamans are an auto-include in Mordor and it makes for stale and boring army choices - BUT what choice does Mordor really have??!

Take my game - my opponent is a good player, not prone to making mistakes, and knows when to sacrifice a model vs keeping it back in reserve - but I was still patient as I knew once I broke his forces it would just be a matter of time before his army melted away.

IS this a fault in the Mordor game design OR in the core rules?

How so core rules? Well the final turn I won priority and I simply engaged his 2 remaining characters in combat to force the rest of his army to test for morale - which they failed in a spectacular way!

So should that rule have been tweaked that standfast can always be used even if a model is in combat - or would that make the game swing the other way too much?


14-10-2015, 16:58
He could have taken a horn blower, but it would be a battle of attrition between these armies, and you did have a horn blower. He could have called a heroic move to get his heroes their courage tests. The scenario also matters in these engagements, some end randomly, others at 25%. I do not think the troll drummer was a great choice, he could have taken an orc drummer and used those points for another warband. Mordor needs to have numbers.

18-10-2015, 14:30
But that Troll was a beast - the extra 3" move saw him quickly surround me and the troll was a nasty foe in combat

I guess though numbers would have helped for sure as he could always grab black guard (??? Urks with the massive shields) to add str 5 to the line up

19-10-2015, 20:51
Mordor is almost certainly the single most versatile force in the game. Not only is it good game design that such an army would have a weakness but it also has multiple means of patching it up, through Shamans, drums and the pricier heroes. The folks moaning are doing just that - moaning.