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16-10-2015, 18:29
Hey guys.

A little while ago I became interested in re-starting 40k due to the uncertainty of what was happening with Fantasy, but for whatever reason at the time, I didn't take the jump. I last played in 5th edition, with me and my friends using a 'simpler' version of the rules. Since I'm now a bit older, I want to get back into the game, as I simply cant get into Age of Sigmar the way I did with Fantasy, but that's another topic altogether.

To that end, I've decided I really like the new Adeptus Mechanicus stuff, so I've been out and bought both the CM and Skitarii codices, and had a read, but I now need some advice with my first purchases. I'm thinking of using the CM book, and then allying in some Skitarii as I build my army.

I want to start small, maybe between 500-600 points, so I can learn the rules and get models painted before burying myself under Mount Plasticus as is what usually happens. I was thinking of picking up a Tech Priest Dominus, and a couple of boxes of Kataphrons, as the foundation of my army, but I feel that with only 7 models in the army, I may end up struggling to learn the foundation rules of the game as much as if I took a bunch of infantry...

So, I'm looking for advice with regards to starting an AdMech army. As I say, it's been a long, long time since I played 40k, so any and all advice is appreciated!


17-10-2015, 00:04
If you don't care if your local meta likes you or you have a tough meta, take a war convocation.

Otherwise, Kataphrons with heavy grav cannons can make a lot of people cry. I would stay away from all the elites in either book if you can. Build your list around dakka, lots and lots of dakka.

17-10-2015, 00:17
I would start with two boxes of Skitarii Vanguard, 1 Dominus and 1-2 boxes of Kataphrons.
This would give you the basics of a Skitarii maniple and either an allied or combined arms detachment of CM.
Kataphrons with gravcannons deal with 3/2+ saves, vanguards handle the rest in a small game.

18-10-2015, 01:00
What magic hat said. Just be careful with going overboard on skitarii equipment. It can get expensive fast and the infantry are fragile.

Skitarii elites are decent. You just have to use them right. Same with the fast attack choices and heavy support.