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18-10-2015, 02:10
For the proper report with all the pics you can read it at either : http://z4.invisionfree.com/Khemri/index.php?showtopic=15972 or http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/667422.page#8196969 or http://warhammer-empire.com/theforum/index.php/topic,51169.msg965453.html#new

Played a game today using my handicap system Age of Sigmar:Reliquum between my Tomb Kings and my Empire.I took my Tomb Kings and my friend took the Empire.

60 model limit

TK army:

Tomb King x 2
Liche Priest x 2
3 Necropolis Knights
3 Chariots
1 Screaming Skull catapult(3 crew)
41 Skeletons ancient blade+tomb shield

Army score:105

Empire army:

Karl Franz
Balthazar Gelt
General on Pegasus
Warrior Priest
Celestial Hurricanum with Wizard
Steam Tank
20 Handgunners
10 Empire Knights
5 Reiksguard Knights
6 Demigryph Knights
2 Cannons(6 crew)
1 Hellblaster Volley Gun(3 crew)

Army score:127

I deployed 1st and with a difference of 22 points I got 2 uses of Blessed 1 reroll 1 units failed hit rolls.

I let the Empire go 1st

Battleround 1

Empire turn 1:

Herophase: Engineer uses More Pressure,Warrior Priest fails Hammer of Sigmar on Handgunners,Hurricanum casts Mystic Shield on the Steam Tank,Balthazar casts Mystic Shield on the Empire Knights

Movement: The Empire left flank moves forward a little with the Empire Knights taking up position in the cover of a buildings walls while on the right the Steam Tank and Reiksguard move forward.

Shooting: The Steam Tank misses the Royalsphinx,1 cannon hits Settra but he saves both wounds so the other cannon shoots him and again does 2 wounds which Settra saves one but rather than take the damage I decide to use 1 Blessed to make the save.

Tomb Kings turn 1

Herophase: Settra declares WAR and uses Desert Wind on the Chariots,The 2 Tomb Kings use MWBD on the Skeleton units their with,Royalsphinx uses WDWM on the Steam Tank,Liche Priests both fail to cast Mystic Shield

Movement: On my left I move the Necropolis Knights,Warsphinx and Royalsphinx as far forward as I can while on the right I fly the chariots over to the centre to enable them to get close to the Empire warmachines next turn.

Shooting: Screaming Skull hits the Hurricanum with 1 skull doing 4 wounds

Charge: I forgo charging this turn as with 1 Blessed left I was virtualy guaranteed to get 2 turns in a row.

Battleround 2

Empire won the roll off but I used my last Blessed to change his result and thus win the roll off :)

TK turn 2:

Herophase: Settra declares WAR and uses Desert Wind on the Chariots,The 2 Tomb Kings use MWBD on the Skeleton units they're with,Royalsphinx uses WDWM on the Steam Tank,Liche Priests once agaun fail to cast Mystic Shield

Movement: On my left the Necropolis Knights race toward the Handgunners,the 2 Sphinx's move forward and retain the cover bonus.My right flank races forward with the Chariots flying right up to the warmachines,the Necrosphinx lines up Karl Franz and Settra lines up the Demigryphs.the Skeleton units run forward to keep pace.

Shooting: Chariots fail to wound the cannon crew and the Screaming Skull misses the Hurricanum with both shots.

Charges:The Necropolis Knights charge the Handgunners and loose 1 Knight to the stand and shoot,the Necrosphinx charges Karl Franz,Settra fails to charge the Demigryphs and oh dear,the Chariots roll snake eyes

Combat:The Necrosphinx inflicts 7 wounds on Karl Franz who gets mad and wallops it for 12 wounds but halfed he does 6,a Demigryph and Balthazar Gelt both chip in and inflict 1 wound each on the Necroshinx.The Necropolis Knights kill 5 handgunners and take 3 wounds back.

Empire turn 2

Herophase: Karl Franz uses his ability on the Demigryphs,Balthazar Gelt casts Searing Doom on Settra inflicting 5 wounds! and also casts Mystic Shield on Karl Franz.The Hurricanum casts Mystic Shield on the Reiksguard and the Warrior Priest heals the Hurricanum of 3 wounds.

Movement:Steam Tank and Reiksguard move towards the Sphinxs.Demigryphs move to charge Settra,Balthazar Gelt retreats to the top of the Watchtower and the Empire Knights move forward to try and get behind the enemy

Shooting:Steam Tank cannon misses the Warsphinx,steamgun does 1 wound.Hurricanum does 4 wounds on the Royalsphinx with the 2 cannons inficting another 5 on it.The Hellblaster kills 1 chariot and the Handgunners kill another Necropolis Knight.

Charges: Steam Tank charges the Warsphinx,Reiksguard charge the remaining Necropolis Knight.Demigryphs charge Settra

Combat: Karl Franz kills the Necrosphinx,Settra puts 9 wounds on the Demigryphs taking 1 in return.The warsphinx takes 3 wounds from the Steam Tank which survives this combat untouched.The Necropolis Knight kills 2 Handgunners before falling to the Reiksguard.

Battleshock: The remaining Demigryph flees

Battleround 3

TK turn 3

Herophase: Settra declared WAR and granted Desert Wind to the unit of Skeletons to his left.The Tomb Kings used MWBD on their respective units.The Liche on the left healed the Royalsphinx for 2 wounds and the Liche on the right cast Mystic Shield on Settra.

Movement: The Skeletons and Tomb King on my right move to engage the Empire Knights and the General on Pegasus.The Settra buffed Skeletons use their extra speed to move up to Karl Franz and the Demigryphs.The Royalsphinx moves forward.

Shooting: Screaming Skull hits with 1 shot on the Hurricanum inflicting 4 wounds.Warsphinx Firery Roar misses the Steam Tank,Royalsphinx hits the Reiksguard but they save.Chariot bows fail to wound the cannon crew.

Charges: Royalsphinx charges the Reiksguard.Chariots charge the warmachines.Skeletons charge the rear of the Empire Knights,Tomb King charges General on Pegasus.Other Skeletons and Settra charge the Demigryphs,the Tomb King fails to reach

Combat: Royalsphinx inflicts 4 wounds on the Reiksguard.Warsphinx puts 4 wounds on the Steam Tank which in turn fails to wound.Skeletons only manage 1 wound on the Empire Knights while their Tomb King fails to wound the General on Pegasus and recieves 2 wounds for his trouble.Settra only does 1 wound on the Demigryphs while the Skeletons fail to wound them.

Empire turn 3

Herophase: Karl Franz uses his ability on the Demigryphs,Balthazar Gelt casts Searing Doom on Settra again but this time only manages 1 wound,he also casts Mystic Shield on Karl Franz.Hurricanum fails to Arcane Bolt the Royalsphinx.The Warrior Priest heals the Hurricanum 2 wounds.

Movement: Karl Franz moves to engage the Chariots.Balthazar Gelt moves close to the Screaming Skull.The Empire Knights retreat away from the Skeletons and the general on Pegasus retreats from the Tomb King.

Shooting: Steam Tank cannon misses Warsphinx but Steamgun does 1 wound.Hurricanum does 2 wounds on the Royalshinx and then 1 cannon finishes it off.The other cannon hits the Chariots for 4 wounds while the Hellblaster jams.

Charges: Karl Franz charges the Chariots.Balthazar Gelt charges the Necrotect and Screaming Skull.

Combat: Karl Franz hits the Chariots for 6 wounds taking 2 out.Settra puts 4 wounds on the Demigryphs who put 6 wounds on the Skeletons who in turn put 2 wounds on the Demigryphs.Warsphinx puts 1 wound on the Steam Tank which puts 2 wounds on the Sphinx.Balthazar Gelt fails to hit and gets 3 wounds for his troubles.

Battleround 4

TK turn4

Herophase: Settra declares WAR and puts Desert Wind on the Skeletons chasing the Empire Knights.Liche Priest heals the Warsphinx for 1 wound while the other puts a Mystic Shield on Settra.Tomb Kings buff the Skeleton units.

Movement:Skeletons and Tomb King chase after the Empire Knights.The other Tomb King closes in on Karl Franz

Shooting: Screaming Skull misses Karl Franz,The Steam Tank saves the Warsphinx Firery Roar.

Charges: Skeletons and Tomb King charge the Empire Knights again.The other Tomb King rolls and 11 for his charge and makes it into combat with Karl Franz

Combat: The Tomb King does 9 wounds to the Empire Knights before falling to them while the Skeletons inflict 1 more wound on them.The Tomb King in combat with Karl Franz hits him 6 wounds and and suffers 3 wounds in return.Demigryphs kill 3 Skeletons with Settra and the Skeletons only managing 2 wounds in return.The Chariots only manage 2 wounds on the Hellblaster.Balthazar and the Necrotect/crew fail to wound each other.

Battleshock: 2 Empire Knights flee

Empire turn 4

Herophase: Karl Franz buffs the General on Pegasus.Balthazar Gelt kills the Tomb King in with Karl Franz with Searing Doom and Mystic Shields himself.Hurricanum puts a Mystic Shield on Karl Franz and the Warrior Priest fails to heal Karl Franz

Movement:The last 3 Empire Knights retreat as does Balthazar Gelt who reatreats back to top of watchtower.The Reiksguard move to charge the Liche keeping the Warsphinx alive.The Handgunners move forward.

Shooting: Steam Tank misses the Warsphinx. Hellblaster inflicts 6 wounds on the Chariots while 1 cannon adds 5 more wounds killing the Chariots.The remaining cannon shoots and kills the Screaming Skull crew.The Handgunners put 1 wound on the Warsphinx.

Charges: Karl Franz charges the Skeletons.General on Pegasus charges Settra.Reiksguard charge the Liche.

Combat: The General on Pegasus attacks Settra but fails to wound.Settra then kills the last Demigryph.Karl Franz only manages to kill 2 Skeletons who pile in and take him out.The Reiksguard kill the Liche.The Steam Tank kills the Warsphinx

Battleround 5

TK turn 5

Herophase: Settra declares WAR and grants Desert Wind to the Skeletons who've just taken out Karl Franz.The last Liche raises 3 new crew for the Screaming Skull.

Movement: The Skeletons with Desert Wind move to engage the warmachines while the other Skeleton unit runs to try and close the gap with the Empire Knights and also the Reiksguard.

Shooting: Screaming Skull hits the Hurricanum twice but only gets 1 shot thru inflicting another 4 wounds on it.

Charges: The Skeletons charge the warmachines

Combat: Settra kills the General on Pegasus.the Skeletons fail to wound the warmachines or their crew.

Empire turn 5

Herophase: Balthazar Gelt kills Settra with Searing Doom then Arcane Bolts the Liche.The Warrior Priest heals the Hurricanum for 1 wound.

Movement: The Steam Tank,Reiksguard and Empire Knights move to charge the Skeletons.The Handgunners move to shoot the skeleton unit in combat with the warmachines.

Shooting: The Hurricanum kills the Liche.The Cannons,Hellblaster and Handgunners wipe the skeletons out.The Steam Tank cannon kills the Screaming Skull crew.

I call it a day and the Empire are victorius.

That was a really good game and the 1st time I've come face to face with my Empire army.I knew it would tough even with the handicap system we used but I felt confident in getting 2 turns in row and really punishing the Empire. Trouble is tho I failed the important charge rolls and I underestimated how hard it was to actually get rid of the warmachines. The way they were positioned meant I couldn't get behind them and get to the crew and without rend my chariots and skeletons were next to useless.

There are lots of things I'd do differently in hindsight and I was out deployed when i think about it but overall a really good,fun game.